The younger brother was slightly relieved. "It’s brother. I’ll do it."


Although he didn’t say anything, he didn’t want this Li Yan to lose four brothers and sisters, and he ruined them. If one of them is not good, it will be his turn.
At this time, Li Yanshen repeatedly flashed fast, and the forest said that although he was not very angry, he still made a move.
"Jiang Fugui’s flaws will be reported. It is estimated that he will come soon." Li Yan’s eyes are micro-moving. "If I am at the peak of my injury, I may try to fight with him, but now I am seriously injured and there is no other way but to escape."
Although the injured index finger can sometimes burst into a lot of strength, he knows that this situation is of no help at all
"Jiang Fugui was never an opponent in the later period of practicing Qi, and the only way is to avoid this guy first. After I recovered from my injury, he took my best measures. At that time, even if I was defeated, I also had the ability to protect myself." Li Yan gasped and his body was almost exhausted. Although he abolished four monks practicing Qi, the burden of repeated struggles was still too great for him.
"Li Dage, stop running. Hey, save some energy to argue with yourself in the penalty hall." Suddenly a stereo behind Li Yan looked back and vaguely saw a figure approaching quickly in the distance.
"This fellow’s strength is really extraordinary, and it’s actually coming so soon." Li Yan was slightly surprised to know that all the way is to make a flash of seven zhangs’ distance, but this Jiang Fugui’s posture can make a track for such a period of time, which shows that the strength is strong.
"There is a big gap between the early stage and the late stage of practicing Qi. He can catch up faster than me just by luck. If I go in this way, I will soon be chased by him." Li Yan thought quickly that he wanted to return to the main hall to seek help from Bo Songyang and others, but they were not in the main hall at this time.
"I’m also cautious about Jiang Fugui. It’s impossible to calculate me when Bo Songyang and the blind hall are in sight. He didn’t dare to take his hand. Now there are plans to lead him to millions of mountains where there are many trees and mountains, and maybe he can dump him."
After making up his mind, Li Yan broke out with a small number of gas, and the speed increased again and swept away rapidly in the direction of millions of mountains
Jiang Fugui saw Li Yan suddenly changed direction in the distance and frowned. "That direction is the outer door? No, he wants to go to the millions of mountains, where wild animals are everywhere. Even I am afraid of wild animals. If he really escapes there, it is impossible to catch him. Hum, in that case, you will go into the millions of mountains for a moment and kill you. Where to kill Digan will not be punished. "
"Why did he suddenly stop?"
Jiang Fugui suddenly saw Li Yan instead of running for his life.
"Is it that the injury has recurred to the limit?" As soon as I read this, Jiang Fugui rushed to the past, and Zhang Wudao, a big hand, just flew out of the finger. "Haha, why don’t you escape and catch it quickly?"
Li Yan felt a sharp roar behind him and turned his head. However, when Jiang Fugui saw the white woman behind Li Yan, the tunnel was not good and he quickly wanted to stop.
Jimo month cold hum a slender palm across the Jiang Fugui a beat a more amazing force to appear strong trees. All this instant was shattered, and even Jiang Fugui spit out one mouthful blood and retreated repeatedly.
"Thank you for your help," Li Yan was slightly relieved.
Jimoyue glanced at Li Yandao, who was covered in blood. "How did you get like this? That monk was just in the late stage of practicing qi. Can’t you beat him and run?"
Li Yan smiled shyly. "I ruined four of the six, but I couldn’t beat him and escaped. If I hadn’t met a girl, I would have been ruined by him."
"Blind and Bo Songyang? How could the two of them bully you, the monk at the beginning of practicing?"
Jimo Moon’s face is cold, and this chill is not aimed at Li Yan, but at Jiang Fugui. She can see at a glance from Li Yan’s injury that he is not only a few monks in the early stage of practicing gas, but also a monk in the middle stage of practicing gas. If you add this one, it can be said that it is a narrow escape.
For Li Yan, such a large array is a narrow escape, and it is simply a ten-life escape. If Jiang Fugui was not too confident and didn’t make a move at the theatre, if he didn’t learn to condense metaphysics, he would be planted here.
Jiang Fugui was shocked by Jimo Moon’s strength and felt a burning pain in his insides. He held back the injury and said, "Don’t you want to shield Li Yan, a thug? You don’t know. He just harmed two maids of Teacher Lian and will brutally kill me. Four younger brothers tried to control him, but they were all ruined by him. They wanted to convict him of escaping to the penalty hall. Please make it convenient for the elder sister to visit me after this matter."
"I’m not that his master can’t be the master. If you want to be convenient, you have to ask his master Chi to die, but this man has to help me do coolies here. Who will help me after you catch him?" Jimo month light said
Li Yan is almost embarrassed to hear it. What is coolie? It’s a deal at best.
Jiang Fugui handed over and smiled. "This is easy for the teacher elder sister to stop sheltering this person and arrange a teacher younger brother to help the teacher elder sister after I capture him."
Jimoyue refused, "You and I can’t trust you. You’d better go back and punish this guy if he really did something bad. You’re just an outsider."
"But the teacher elder sister …" Jiang Fugui held back his anger.
"Shut up and don’t roll. You’re making a slap in the face." The grass was covered with frost when Jimo drank it coldly and the surrounding temperature dropped by more than ten degrees.
Jiang Fugui knew that he was not an opponent, and he was unwilling to turn away. However, at this time, a cold hum suddenly sounded from the world with a dignified integrity.
"It’s my punishment hall to punish the girl with a big tone. You don’t care about grievances. Even such a vicious thug has to shield him. He is really a master of refining the gods." In the sky, an old man with white hair and a flower is coming, followed by Yu Jun and others.
Jiang Fugui, the elder of the crane boy, was overjoyed. I didn’t expect the rain to come this time.
Elder HeTong took several people to the ground. He pointed to the injured Yu Jun and others and said, "These people are all ruined by you."