However, when I saw a few people with yellow hair surrounding the light, I wanted to wait for someone but I didn’t worry about the light at all. On the contrary, everyone’s face showed a trace of schadenfreude.


It depends on the fact that both members in the box are one leng. Is it that Guangguang and Fang think they are not a group? Otherwise, how can you see that your friends are surrounded? Fang Xiang and others don’t want to help before. On the contrary, they still look at Huang Mao and others with a smile.
Language … The two members in the sincere language box don’t understand what Fang Xiang and others think.
This is also the time.
Bare a face of sarcasm to the yellow hair and others said
"Are you together or one by one? How about joining us? I’m still waiting to sing. "
Huang Mao and others are so arrogant when they hear the bare death, but it is definitely impossible one by one. After all, they have seen the bare skill just now, but isn’t it silly at this time?
The yellow hair a greeting four people toward the bare jump to.
At this time, lazy Xiaotian also put his hand in front of wangyi’s eyes. If he knows that Guangguang and others are naturally familiar with Guangguang and others, he also knows a lot about Guangguang’s skill. That’s a * * * * family brother. If even a few punks can’t cope with it, wouldn’t it be a joke?
And Fang Xiang and others are also looking at Huang Mao and others who rushed to the light with a face of pity.
This is also the time.
Yellow hair fist has been sent to the bare front.
Huang Mao’s own punch in his eyes is absolutely explosive. The bare eyes may turn this punch into a panda eye directly. Thought of here, Huang Mao is also extremely excited about the boxing speed.
When I saw Huang Mao’s fist coming, my mouth was disdainful.
One second
Bare knees have been raised high.
Huang Mao’s fist was less than one meter away from his eyes, and his knee had already pushed Huang Mao’s abdomen.
"Oh well …"
Yellow hair let out a scream and put his hands over his abdomen. The whole person bowed and rolled like a shrimp.
At the same time, the offensive of three friends of Huang Mao has also come to the bare front.
Bare didn’t dodge a punch and sent it directly to the nearest punk. Then he turned around and dumped the second punk’s chest with a side kick. The bare foot took a little effort, but he was kicked to the punk and flew backwards, clutching his chest and panting. His face was pale and a suffocating feeling emerged from his head. He felt that his horse was about to burp.
And finally, a small bludger came to prepare to give Guangguang a slap in the face while Guangguang was not paying attention, but when he saw his three companions’ tragic offensive, he stopped when he was less than one meter away from Guangguang, and he quickly retreated.
But how can light make him happy?
Step by step with a left hook and a right hook, it’s easy again. K, opponent
When the whole battle lasts less than a minute.
Two members in the box have been dumbfounded.
Chapter three hundred and sixteen The magic is the first eunuch
At this time, the yellow hair, which had been pushed to the ground by a bare knee, has slowly climbed up from the ground. Just now, the bare hair has also received force. Otherwise, it is estimated that the yellow hair has already been displaced by that knee.
After knowing the bare skill, the yellow hair also kept a certain distance from the bare.
Then said to Fang Xiang and others
"You are very good and very powerful. You dare to do this to me. Do you know who my dad is? My father is Li Gang! I am not afraid to tell you that you are finished! "
When I heard Huang Mao’s words, Fang Xiang and others were all in a burst of language, and when two members in the box heard the word "Li Gang", their faces changed. Naturally, Fang Xiang thought for a while and then asked one of them.
"Who is this Li Gang?"
Hear the party want to ask the member is also a wry smile and then said
"Ah, I’m afraid this time, the party is less big. Li Gang is the deputy director of the magic city public security bureau and is specially in charge of our entertainment industry …"
After listening to the member’s words, I thought "Oh"-although the member thought they broke the sky, I thought that I didn’t think it was a big deal.
Even the magic city, deputy director of the support dead is just a deputy hall.
Don’t say that those people who are playing with their father are several levels higher than the deputy hall. Even those around them are not afraid of a deputy hall-level official.
Moreover, even if people’s counterpart management is this? I think it’s reasonable for them to come, even if Li Ganglai comes, there’s nothing to say, and although so many people at the scene can prove that it’s self-defense, but Huang Mao’s skills are too poor
Thought here want to say to the member.
"It’s okay. You don’t care what you should do, but a deputy director can’t turn the sky."
Hearing Fang Xiang’s words, the clerk took a deep breath. He was just an ordinary person, a deputy director of the Public Security Bureau. For him, it was already a day, but he was relieved to think that his boss and the other party wanted to play with Fang Xiang. None of these people had an ordinary family background.
It is also this time that Huang Mao looked at the naked light and didn’t continue to shoot. He was also scared by his own Beijing, and said to Fang Xiang and others recklessly
"how about it? Now you know that you are afraid? "
"I’m telling you, you are just a bunch of poor students who don’t know where to step on the * * * * to get the VIp box. There is a road in front of you, and that is everyone-"
Huang Maolai wanted to say that everyone knelt before him and begged for mercy, but when he saw the cold eyes of Guangguang and Fangxiang, he couldn’t help shivering and changed his mouth.
"There is a way in front of you, and that is to get out of this box!"
Speaking of which, Huang Mao’s eyes looked at everyone in the box.
That is, at this time, after entering the box previously, I haven’t looked at the people inside the box well. Huang Mao took a deep breath and was almost flowing from the corner of his mouth. He seemed to be a new big six and generally pointed to lazy Xiaotian and wangyi in his arms.
"That that what"
"I couldn’t even ask you to give this girl to me before, so I can forget about it today."
It’s okay for Huang Maolai not to say this sentence, but once he says this sentence, he can feel the sudden drop of temperature in the whole box, and he is very confused. Before he can speak again, he will see lazy Xiaotian getting up from the sand.
Lazy Xiaotian is a very arrogant person. His friendliness is only for his friends and relatives, but if it is for the enemy, there is nothing to say.
And although his fighting capacity is not as good as others, it is easy and pleasant to clean up such a top-heavy yellow-haired punk in too much sex.
What is not just lazy Xiaotian directly picked up a beer bottle and smashed the yellow hair forehead.
Blood spurts!
Yellow hair clutching his lazy Xiaotian smashed a bottle head some leng some vacant.
But lazy Xiaotian’s feet have arrived at this time.
Kicked Huang Mao’s crotch hard. Xiaotian didn’t have any reservations. He kicked Huang Mao’s eyes out. Huang Mao fainted directly because of severe pain.
And bare is wrinkly to knit the brows. He is the closest to two people. He just showed that he could hear a burst of broken eggs. At the same time, he couldn’t help but say
"Xiaotian is almost enough. This yellow-haired dad, I know that my family often deals with him as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Let it be. This yellow hair just insulted wangyi and left it to me."

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