Haha, don’t be so impatient. The game has just been played by Yuan Ye, but it is faster to fly to Gao Lvyun’s boots and directly throw those war emperors away.


Without the help of this excuse, Yuan Yezhen has no excuse to break away from the strength of the big team, but he can’t escape. Thank you, Tao Xingyuan, and Yuan Ye’s way of thanking them is to play them to death slowly.
Struggling to hold up Tao Xingyuan leaned against a big tree and took a heavy bite. A ferocious fist flashed in the pupil and slammed on the stone face. Don’t let me catch you, or you must survive and not beg for death.
It’s really difficult for Yuan Ye to wander alone in the Purple Flame Mountains and face it with his own strength. It’s really difficult for Yuan Ye to snatch the treasure map from the blood sacrifice door. So he thought of making this Purple Flame Mountains more entangled than others. Although Purple Flame Mountains didn’t know about Warcraft, they took the initiative to attack human beings, but with many years of understanding of Warcraft, Yuan Ye carefully avoided Warcraft one by one.
The light in the mountain forest is dim. With the constant wandering, Yuan Ye is also getting deeper and deeper into the small forest. He has walked for a long time again. Suddenly, his eyes are dim and his eyes are bright. At first glance, he has already passed through the small forest. Now there are some steep cliffs in front of him, and the cliffs are covered with lush green forests, which is quite beautiful.
Looking at the scene beside the greenwood, Yuan Ye couldn’t help but take a deep breath.
In Yuan Ye’s sight, a huge waterfall, like a silver horse, is generally smashed from a high mountain and cliff, and the water is smashed on the boulder and the water is filled with air.
On both sides of the waterfall, there are some steep mountains and natural caves, which makes Yuan Ye look out. If you want to pile some stones at the mouth of these caves, you will be able to shut out Warcraft, and you will no longer worry that after waking up in practice, you will appear next to a ferocious and powerful Warcraft.
It’s not bad here. If you practice here enough, you will hunt the blood sacrifice master until you get the treasure map and touch your nose. Yuan Ye flew directly to a cave. Here, like snow-capped mountains, you crossed the waterfall, and your eyes carefully swept around. Yuan Ye was relieved after you didn’t see Warcraft.
The cave department is slightly cool, but the area is not small. It’s obvious that Yuan Ye lives alone. It’s more than enough. Yuan Ye clapped his hands and looked at some dark caves. Then he thoughtfully took four noctilucent stones from the ring and placed them in the grooves around the stone walls. Suddenly, the soft light lit up the caves.
Looking at the brand-new cave, Yuan Ye grinned, took a long breath after sitting on the smooth stone washed by the waterfall, and immediately rolled up his legs and put his hands in front of him to practice handprints, slowly recovering his body consumption and quarrelling with him for nearly two days, which brought mental fatigue.
With Yuan Ye’s silence, his breathing is gradually stable and forms a perfect cycle with one breath and one breath. Every breathing cycle will disperse from the whole body for a wisp of light energy, and finally follow Yuan Ye’s breathing into his body, and after refining the meridians, he will be sent to the lower abdomen to fight against snowflakes.
In the quiet practice, Yuan Ye’s mind sank into the body, and the strange vision made him clearly look at the body and fight.
The mind passed through several main meridians and finally came to the quarrelling base in the lower abdomen. The snowflake slowly rotated now. Today, the snowflake has become larger and the area has increased a lot. Yuan Ye can clearly feel that the concentration of quarrelling contained in the snow today is more than twice as strong as it was at the beginning.
Looking at those who constantly input from the meridians to purple and gold quarrelling Yuan Ye smiled and slowly left the body to be decent and quarrelling after the reply, he opened his eyes.
I feel refreshed by twisting my body lazily and returning to Yuan Yeshen. Yuan Ye can perceive that now I am gradually moving from the primary stage of fighting soul to the intermediate stage of fighting soul. Maybe it will take another month or two before I can enter the intermediate level of fighting soul.
And when the time comes, the strength of this attribute makes him stronger than others by several levels. If you add an artifact, you will not lose 63 fiery magic apes.
The pentium waterfall roared at the rocks and filled the small valley with water vapor.
Yuan Ye kept jumping vertically and horizontally in the waterfall, occasionally flying like a monkey, agile, slender and strong, and distinguished a sense of escape in the sunlight.
Today is Yuan Ye’s second day here, and he slowly vomited a sigh of relief. Yuan Ye’s body stood upright in the waterfall, and after a moment of silence, the light energy gas suddenly surged from his whole body and then poured into his body crazily.
As more and more energy is pumped into Yuan Ye’s body surface, a faint purple-gold light emerges, and her delicate face is still warm and jade. After a long time, her eyes are suddenly open and dark, and a ray of light is as sharp as the essence, but soon the red light will recede.
Took a long breath, and Yuan Ye couldn’t help cursing, just a little short of breaking through.
It’s not even a month or two from the primary to the intermediate level, so it’s not necessarily a breakthrough.
Suddenly Yuan Ye saw a war emperor flying around pale. This war emperor also hired guards, but it was not a blood sacrifice door. The blood sacrifice door decoration was unified and easy to recognize.
Hey, flying in a place where Warcraft is rampant is too long for you. Yuan Ye shouted at the war emperor.
The emperor listened to Yuan Yeyin and immediately saw a life-saving straw flying.
Adults are all dead, people are all dead, and the war emperor turned pale and said
Everything is dead. Take your time. There is no danger here. Yuan Ye is the main road.
Leave 20 hired guards. All of them are dead except me.
Well, what’s the matter? Yuan Ye’s eyebrows are wrinkly. God is in the team, and the Emperor of Twenty Wars is dead.
The people in Ziluo Wonderland forced us to go to those places where Warcraft was powerful. When it came to the God of Warcraft or the God of Warcraft, they took a detour. When Warcraft was in the God of Warcraft, they directly killed and then moved on. After our lives, they all died. Fortunately, when it was my turn, they seemed to find the destination and gave me half of the reward to come back. Ziluo Wonderland people didn’t take our lives as their lives. Look at the war emperor’s trembling way.
I said that God Ghost recruited these war emperors in the team to be a scout, and Yuan Ye denounced them in his heart. It’s a good thing Tao Xingyuan pulled him up, otherwise he didn’t know which Warcraft hand he died in.
What’s their destination? What’s the special place? Yuan Ye asked again. He knew that it was bound to be something special to make the guests in the fairyland come here with such great strength.
Phoenix, I saw the fire phoenix.
Ah, where is the god beast Phoenix Yuan Ye surprised?
Just in that direction, along the road, we’ll mark it convenient. Don’t go wrong when you come back. If you want to go to the powerful Warcraft, I won’t stop you, but don’t blame me for the war emperor who seems to mean nothing.
Go to crow mouth Yuan Ye pushed the war emperor aside, and the war emperor turned around and flew in the direction of Gushan City.
Didn’t I always tell you, don’t fly to die? Yuan Ye yelled at the fleeing emperor, but the emperor kept rooting.

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