Death can be seen through, and my heart must be dissatisfied. On the surface, it looks flat, but when the time comes, contradictions will break out instantly.


However, two old people are not good for him, so he has a chance to play it by ear.
A moment passed before the line continued, and the passage in front finally changed. A fork appeared in the line of sight.
One to the left and the other to the right.
The cat was the first to stop. He frowned tightly and looked at the two forks in the road for half a ring. Finally, he sighed and shook his head.
Although he didn’t say much, he told people around him that he didn’t have a high opinion on this fork in the road.
Beside the statue of death, the corner of his eye swept across his face, but he always felt a hypocrisy, which made him want to stretch out his hand and tear his face to see what was going on in his heart.
But it turns out that he can think about these things, and he is not ready to tear the skin before the last moment.
But now that we have reached a fork in the road, we should always make a choice.
One of the two roads may lead to the back hall of the altar, one may connect with the abyss of destruction and death, or both of them can go where they want to go, but the key is that the eyes must make a choice.
Because the altar is particularly important, it has become a lot more with a simple choice, and it is not the weight.
I don’t know if I should choose you two. I have no idea. The death statue is faint. Although it sounds calm, it always sounds a little faint and makes no secret of ridicule.
He didn’t look back, but his meaning was very clear.
Mo Tianxing looked up. Although his face was dignified, it was not dignified at all because he didn’t know how to choose.
Moreover, in this situation, especially in the face of the death of the cat, he felt that he had better keep silent. After being chosen, he was accidentally implicated. He simply shook his head, but he was stingy and didn’t want to say a word on this matter for fear of getting into trouble.
Death’s eyes glanced at him, revealing a faint irony, so how can I rise in this life without taking on cowardice?
Even if you enter the thousand stars from here, you can’t make any progress.
Mo Tianxing noticed the mockery in Johnson’s eyes, but his face did not show any different colors. He bowed his head slightly. Chapter one hundred and eleven The beauty of snake and scorpion
Meng Fei didn’t know the subtle atmosphere of the two people. He was slightly silent and then smiled slightly. Since the cat has mastered some information in Shentai, it must be the most powerful person to make a choice.
Although the breakthrough in choosing the left temple of Shentai was not light, it finally proved that the cat was ready to take even the highest-level treasures of the cave with him to lead us to arrive here smoothly. I think it is best for the cat to choose this time.
Meng Fei Daoyou said well, and the younger generation agreed. I wonder if he was stimulated by death. Mo Tianxing quickly expressed his attitude early.
Death slightly raised his eyebrows and glanced at Meng Fei’s face and nodded. He didn’t agree with this. Since it is expected, let’s point the way ahead this time.
It is said that public expectations are right to be qualified to intervene in this matter. Four people practice here, but no one will care about their feelings.
Maybe they already know that it was a mistake to enter the altar from the beginning, even if they don’t die now, they will eventually die. They bow their heads slightly and look pale.
In the eyes of the cat, there was a hint of coldness. He could sense the death statue, Meng Fei Mo Tianxing. All three of them were expressing their dissatisfaction with him, and this dissatisfaction stemmed from his exclusive possession of all information.
But thinking that things will change in the near future, he doesn’t want to bring about complications at this moment, but he won’t show any emotion in his heart. He nodded slightly and said, since you all have confidence in the Sect, that Sect will be welcome. When we left and right temples, we chose the left temple, but today we still choose the left to move on.
However, it was agreed that before the cat took the lead to step forward, the different colors in the eyes of the death statue flashed one step at a time, and the figure followed behind the monster, which seemed to be separated from each other by a certain distance, but it was relatively limited, which allowed him to ensure that he would keep close to the cat figure in the current accident situation and not get away from it in the current accident.
This Johnson performance fell into the eyes of Meng Fei Mo Tianxing, but instead of following closely, they deliberately fell behind a few steps, and the two Johnson pulled some distance ahead.
Death dares to follow behind him regardless of the evil of the cat’s nest because he is strong enough to deliberately look at the anger in the cat’s nest. The two of them don’t have the courage to take two steps back or they may die tragically before they reach the end.
One-line continuation road
Walking along the left is another long passage. It’s quieter than a few people’s light footsteps echoing in the ear. But in this quiet and dead environment, this light footsteps fall into the ear. At this moment, it seems particularly harsh and scary, making people feel nervous and gradually feel a chill.
They didn’t feel nervous when they heard the sound coming from the front of the passage, but they were slightly relieved.