Always be alert to the indoor pollution in your life.

Always be alert to the indoor pollution in your life.

Lead: Have you ever felt like this: getting up in the morning, inexplicably feeling a headache, dizziness; from the outside to the home, always smelling a strange smell; how can’t help but blink, sneeze, tears, body hasRed spots. If the body often sends out similar signals, you should be vigilant. They remind the indoors that the pollution has exceeded the standard and endanger your health.

A large number of hair loss or formaldehyde experts said that formaldehyde is a high-risk carcinogen, formaldehyde will lead to decreased body function, hair loss, dizziness and other symptoms.

More serious, formaldehyde can cause miscarriage in pregnant women, distortion and deformity; cause female hair loss, endocrine disorders; children in the growth and development, formaldehyde can induce malignant diseases.

The pungent smell suggests serious indoor air pollution, which is first inhaled by the respiratory system.

Therefore, it will feel the smell of the room, the scorpion is uncomfortable, these are the signals of excessive pollution.

If you feel the feeling of tears, irritations, and cough, the formaldehyde concentration has exceeded the national standard of 1?
3 times more.

Formaldehyde is irritating, and benzene, ammonia, mold, etc. can also produce odor, which is extremely harmful to the body.

Renal function declines benzene as a complication, and the number of young and middle-aged uremia patients increases year by year. The reasons are very complicated.

According to the United States, Taiwanese nephrology experts have found that indoor pollution of benzene, xylene, etc. is the biggest cause of uremia.

There are also reports of newly-married couples in China who have phenyl and TVOC over-standard.

Current pollution control methods: air exchange method: air exchange is ventilation, indoor and outdoor air exchange changes and changes, the effect of reducing indoor pollutants is better; physical adsorption method: using activated carbon and other products to absorb harmful gases, while assisting ventilation,It can effectively improve the effect of decontamination; plant purification method: used as a green plant to decorate the living environment, it can also purify indoor air.

For example, ivy, iron tree, spider plant, aloe vera, etc.; chemical reaction method: using formaldehyde scavenger, photocatalyst and other products sprayed on the surface of the pollution source to achieve the role of formaldehyde removal.

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