Excessive day and night overtime leads to chronic fatigue

Excessive day and night overtime leads to chronic fatigue

The main symptoms of “chronic fatigue syndrome” are: fatigue, insomnia, dreams, tinnitus and forgetfulness, back pain and so on.

It is characterized by repeated episodes of symptoms, lasting more than 6 months, and can not be relieved after full rest, followed by mild fever, sore throat, decreased concentration, general weakness and other symptoms, and caused hormonal imbalance in the body, abnormal nervous system regulation, a weak chain reaction such as decreased immunity.

If the symptomatic treatment is not timely, it may cause more serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and even “overwork death.”

  Over-night stay overtime medical statistics show that white-collar workers are a “high-risk group” of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Due to overworked work and assault missions, white-collar workers often work overtime, eating irregularly, and having too much rest in nightlife can cause long-term health overdrafts and trigger chronic fatigue syndrome.

In addition, in the face of numerous competitions and challenges from work and life, white-collar workers maintain a sense of urgency for a long time in spirit, with increasing pressure and anxiety, psychological fatigue and depression lingering, thus falling into a “sub-health state.”

  Experts say that in fact, the rest of the real sense can not be equated with sleeping, because excessive sleep will reduce the body’s metabolism, resulting in decreased activity and increased fatigue.

Therefore, experts recommend that naps should start at 1 pm and go to bed at 10 to 11 pm in the evening.

The wake-up time is preferably 5 to 6 am in the morning.

  The concept of rest, including physical and psychological relaxation and adjustment, and exercise to improve physical fitness, is a positive improvement.

  When the muscles are sour and weak, when Xiaolin wakes up in the morning, he always feels sore and weak.

This has happened before, but it is good to do a little activity, but the feeling of “muscle weakness” is particularly strong recently, and it feels very tired every day.

  It is understood that muscle pain occurs mostly in women between the ages of 20 and 50.

This condition may be caused by trauma or psychological symptoms. The symptoms are stiff in the morning, mainly in the neck, shoulders, cheekbones and buttocks, and sometimes itching.

  Therefore, experts warn that in the face of frequent headaches, muscle pain, insomnia and other issues, you must go to the hospital for early detection and treatment.

In addition, to avoid fatigue syndrome, prevention, swimming, walking and other exercises can improve muscle strength and flexibility, and reduce muscle pain.

Hyperthermia and massage can also shorten the effect of short-term relaxation.

  I don’t see a good “cold”. The horse is suffering from a “hot cold” because she always feels boring, so she has been resting at home for a while, but after a week or two has passed, there is still not much improvement. “Hot cold” recurrent., can’t always heal.

  Experts say that because the symptoms of “chronic fatigue syndrome” and the cold are very close, so many people think that rest can be improved.

In fact, “chronic fatigue syndrome” is a very dangerous modern disease. It is not necessary to make self-diagnosis for self-treatment. Instead, it should be promptly treated, so that doctors can use drugs, diet and other comprehensive measures to improve immunity according to their situation.Enhance physical fitness and ultimately promote recovery.

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