Long-term eating by fruit to lose weight easily affects digestion and is difficult to lose weight

Long-term eating by fruit to lose weight easily affects digestion and is difficult to lose weight

Summer is the peak season for fruit consumption. Too many women love to think that “three days a day only eat fruit, and self-cultivation and beauty can kill two birds”, in fact, this is wrong.

Medical experts point out that eating fruit should be moderate.

From the nutritional point of view, the body’s various basic nutritional needs – glucose, minerals, protein, etc., are not satisfied by eating only fruit, long-term survival by “fruit”, the body’s endocrine system, digestive system, immunityThe system and so on will have an adverse effect.

Most fruits have sufficient sugar and long-term absorption, and it is also difficult to obtain fat-reducing effects.

  In addition, before the fruit entrance, the most important thing is to disinfect and clean.

Grape, strawberry, bayberry and other epidermis often have pesticide residues. Ingestion can cause organophosphate poisoning, which is manifested as headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. In severe cases, it is accompanied by symptoms such as salivation and diarrhea.

To be effective, in addition to thoroughly cleaning the fruit with running water, it should be soaked in clean water for at least half an hour.

  ”Special people” should follow the doctor’s advice on eating fruits. Patients with diabetes and pre-diabetes should grasp the three “safety valves” of fruit sweetness, time of consumption and consumption.

One or two slices of watermelon, half a peach, five or six strawberries, eaten one and a half hours to two hours after a meal, both “snap” and healthy.

Pregnant women should avoid eating “ice” fruits. The temperature is too low, which often stimulates the stomach and causes diarrhea, which is easy to cause premature birth.

“A lychee three fires”, Chinese medicine believes that lychee is a warm food, eat more easy to “get angry”, leading to constipation, toothache, hemorrhoids, mouth ulcers, etc., so people with virtual fires are not suitable for eating.

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