Unbelievable, the original saliva can also resist aging

Unbelievable, the original saliva can also resist aging

Saliva is a valuable liquid in the human body. According to modern scientific research, saliva contains, in addition to water, amylase, lysozyme, mucin, globulin, lactic acid iron, calcium phosphate, amino acid, potassium, calcium, which are essential for human health.Chlorine and other

These are all substances that are beneficial to the human body.

  Saliva has eight functions for human health: flushing: it can wash away the food residue to keep the mouth clean and hygienic.

  Lubrication: The saliva contains mucin, which makes the mouth soft and soft.

  Hemostasis: saliva can promote blood coagulation, saliva can help stop bleeding when it is caused by internal or external trauma or tooth extraction.

  Alternative effect: When acid, bitter and other irritating substances enter the mouth, the secretion of saliva increases, replacing it, making it easy to spit or swallow.

  Antibacterial effect: Various organic and inorganic components in saliva produce a certain antibacterial effect through different mechanisms, which can prevent inflammation of the mouth, throat and gums.

  Therapeutic effect: There is a nerve growth hormone in the saliva. This auxin can significantly shrink the wound healing time and accelerate the healing of burned skin.

  Digestion: The mouth water contains a lot of amylase, which can crush the starch into maltose, making it easy to be absorbed.

  Anti-fading effect: The saliva contains a kind of “salivary salivary hormone” that keeps people young. It can make people smart, strong in teeth and strong in muscles, so that even when people reach old age, they will be red and full of vitality.

  It can be seen that “saliva” is precious, can not be wasted and discarded, should be good at promoting the secretion of saliva, and achieve the purpose of strengthening the body and raising the life.

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