Jumping skipping, jumping away constipation hydrophobic

Jumping skipping, jumping away constipation hydrophobic

Constipation is a problem often encountered by modern people. It not only affects appetite and digestion, but also leads to nervousness and temper.

For women, it may cause menstrual disorders, dull skin, back pain and so on.

  Women have higher constipation than men.

First, because women eat less, fine, and fine, they creep more slowly.

In fact, women’s exercise is reduced, and regular exercise can make the initial squirm better.

  Exercise is good for constipation.

The best way is to shake the internal organs by skipping the rope.

Bounce can stimulate bones, muscles, promote blood circulation, and also strengthen the immune function of the lymphatic system, which is very important for relieving constipation.

When patients with constipation walk, they can maximize the rotation of the waist and ankle.

Walking like a model, this can penetrate the effect of abdominal massage, strengthen the internal organs, especially the peristalsis of digestion, promote the absorption of nutrients and replacement of replacement, the metabolic function is abnormal, and the constipation caused by indigestion is obvious.
In addition, like jogging, swimming, striding these sports, and practicing can also prevent and slow down the symptoms of constipation.

At the same time, patients with constipation should pay attention to adjusting their diet and try to eat more “slag food”.

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