Men and women love to follow the season is right

Men and women love to follow the “season” is right

Lead: Chinese ancient Taoist, Fang Zhongshu once put forward the theory of the best season and time of sexual life, mostly based on the premise of pregnancy, male and female; with the changes of the times, nowadays, sex life is no longer purely “pregnancy”For the purpose, it contains all kinds of meanings.
Sex is the lubricant of life no matter what season.
“Sex, the more you enjoy, the more you want.
“It is true for both men and women.”
When making love, sex hormones will strengthen secretion, thus improving health and harmony.
How to guarantee the quality of sex in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and adjust the sex life. You love the health and you must know the secrets of the four seasons of sex and the cycle of female hormones.
Spring is the first stage of the female hormone hormone waking female hormone, which is the first day after the menstrual period (calculated on the average of five days of menstruation) (the sixth day of the physiological cycle), this stage is like a spring,All the plants and creatures in the world are bulging with various impulses, and the division of all cells begins to accelerate.
At this time, the female pituitary gland secretes a hormone FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), stimulating women to wake up from sleep.
Just after a “blood-blood” campaign, some may experience tragic dysmenorrhea. Although there is a spirit, it may be more to chat with my friends.
The husbands who have suppressed for several days must not be anxious about the “sleeping beauty” who just woke up, but slowly cultivate the “sex” interest of the wife and regain the wife’s desire in the gentle warming.
The second stage of the summer female estrogen and hot female hormone is the 7th to 12th day after the menstrual period (the 12th to 17th day of the physiological cycle), and the hot summer is coming.
At this stage, LH (luteal pigment hormone) secreted by the female brain causes ovulation, which keeps women’s sexual desire to a high level all the time. Women’s energy is most vigorous at this time, and it is easy to spring.
When is the husband not at this time, what time is it?
Enjoy these six days of fun happily. If you can, take a more daring sex posture, and sex toys can also increase your sexual atmosphere.
The 13th-18th day after the menstrual period of the female hormones in the autumn (the 18th to 23rd day of the physiological cycle) is the third stage of female hormones, which is like the season of bleak autumn wind.
Women always feel that their bodies are prone to fatigue, and the spirit is even more difficult to enter.
This is because the completion of ovulation, the level of estrogen in women will soon decline, and the level of progesterone began to rise, reducing women’s libido.
At this point, the husband had to withdraw from the bravery of the “summer”, sighing “every autumn and sorrow and loneliness”, but not “the weather is cool and autumn”.
Love is not only maintained by sexual desire, the husband must accompany his wife to appease his wife’s irritability.
After the autumn of the female hormones and cold and lazy in the winter, the fourth stage of the female hormones is coming, which is the 19th to 24th day after the menstrual period (the 24th day of the physiological cycle to the next official holiday).
The cold winter season of sex has a cold wind.
At this time, both estrogen and progesterone will disappear, and various negative emotions such as irritability, depression and depression will come to the women. The husband should observe his wife’s emotions so as not to hit the crater and cause unnecessary conflict.
But there is no need to be sad, because testosterone (male sex hormone) is beginning to appear in women, and it is mixed with the estrogen in a downward trend, which will cause a sudden sexual impulse before the holiday, the time isWhen the husband is intimately involved, there will often be an earth-shattering experience.

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