Massage can also stop diarrhea

Massage can also stop diarrhea

Abdominal: Put the child on the bed, you can wear a thin layer of cotton or direct contact with the abdomen.

Taking the navel as the center, the palm of your hand is counter-clockwise and full of abdomen, and the technique should be even and soft, steady and steady. According to the length of the child’s disease, it can be 5-10 minutes.

This method can achieve the functions of spleen and stomach, qi and digestion, and diarrhea.

If the child is accompanied by bloating and vomiting, you need to rub the clockwise for 3-5 minutes, then then counterclockwise.

  揉 umbilical cord: Use the middle finger or the palm of your hand to gently rub the umbilical cord 100-300 times, or the umbilical cord for 5 minutes.

When you lick the umbilicus, the intensity should be moderate, and the technique should be light and soft, in case the child feels pain and crying affects the treatment.

This method can achieve the effects of warming and dispelling cold, replenishing qi and blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and eliminating stagnation.

  揉 Gumi: Gumi is located at the bottom of the caudal vertebra. When doing this step, use the middle finger or thumb to press the sputum at the end of the turtle for about 100-300 times. The intensity should be moderate.

This method has the effect of regulating intestinal fistula and stopping diarrhea.

  Push the seven-section bone: the upper seven bones are located on the fourth lumbar vertebra and the turtle tail.

Push the fingertips from the bottom to the top 100-200 times, the strength should not be too large, so as not to damage the skin of children.

This method can play the role of warming and diarrhea.

It is worth reminding that because the skin of children is more delicate, when doing the abdomen, licking the turtle tail and pushing the seven-section bone step, it is necessary to use some media such as petrolatum, talcum powder or baby oil to prevent short-term direct contact with the skin.Causes skin damage in children.

  The above method can be repeated alternately, and it is generally effective to massage 1-2 times a day.

Parents can also give some health massage to children at home, such as regular massage of three feet, spleen, spleen, etc., these can achieve the role of spleen and stomach.

Dr. Wang Lili reminded that prevention of diarrhea in children should pay attention to conditioning in daily life. Parents must pay attention to diet when feeding children, and extensive diet and complementary food should be added gradually.

Drink plenty of water during diarrhea, light diet, eat more digestible food such as rice soup, rice paste, etc., eggs, chicken, duck and fish are eaten as little as possible, and dairy products should be reduced.

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