Five essential bowel weight loss tricks after the holiday

Five essential bowel weight loss tricks after the holiday

When the body’s toxins are in the body, the whole body will be acne, the face will be yellow, and puffiness should be more, then how can we restore these bad symptoms?

But let’s detoxify, the following small series will give you a detailed introduction of how to detoxify, so that your toxins will disappear quickly.

  Intestines trick 1: Eat apple expert comment: Apple’s cellulose content is higher than the average fruit, and the apple also contains some pectin, which can soften the stool and help the bowel movement.

However, for those who have more serious problems, the effect of bowel defecation by apples is not too obvious.

   Intestinal Tips 2: Fungus and Yoga Experts comment: Black fungus is also a very good food for the intestines, and the food that has undergone air drying will swell after being exposed to water, which will bring more moisture.

However, for those who have difficulty in defecation, it is very difficult to pass a black fungus. Unless you add a lot of or assistive exercise, such as practicing yoga, it is very helpful.

  Intestinal tricks 3: Drinking cold milk on an empty stomach Expert comment: Drinking ice milk on an empty stomach can be laxative, first because cold stimulation will speed up exercise, second, there is a lot of lactose in milk, and more than half of Chinese people lack the need for milk absorption.Lactase.

Therefore, after drinking milk, lactose enters the colon without being digested and is quickly excreted.

However, it should be noted that long-term drinking on an empty stomach is harmful to humans.

  Intestines trick 4: fasting honey expert comment: honey contains more sugar, can absorb body water in the intestines, which is conducive to bowel movements.

Because the worms on the fasting are accelerated, it is necessary to remind everyone that they should use cold warm water to wash the honey, because too hot or too cold will destroy its nutritional structure.

  Intestines trick 5: Eat kelp to eat sea with five benefits: one to promote metabolism.

Every 100 grams of dried kelp contains nicotinic acid 1.

6 grams, more than 5 times higher than Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage, celery, 8 times higher than 藕, carrot.

In general, adults need 17 mg of nianic acid per day, and niacin helps the body’s metabolism.

  Two benefits lower blood pressure.

Kelp can effectively reduce intracranial pressure, intraocular pressure, and eliminate brain edema.

Soaking the water in the kelp (filtered) directly to the hypertensive patients (oral), blood pressure can be reduced by more than 1100 Pa in 10 minutes; 2,300 Pascal after 1 hour.

  Sanyi reduces heart palpitations.

Due to the combination of various minerals and trace elements and vitamins contained in kelp, some kelp is introduced when eating meat, resulting in a slight accumulation in the human body tending to subcutaneous and muscle tissue, reducing in the heart, blood vessels andAccumulation on the intestinal membrane, effectively prevent high blood pressure, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and mild hyperactivity.

  The four diseased tissue collapsed.

In all foods, kelp contains the highest amount of iodine, which is absorbed by the body and can cause pathological tissue to collapse and dissolve.

Iodide can have goiter and inhibit hyperthyroidism.

  Five benefits reduce cholesterol concentration.

Kelp contains sodium chloride and contains calcium.

Eating sea has the effect of increasing calcium and sodium.

  Winter melon kelp simmer soup stew ingredients: sacrum, kelp, melon, green beans, corn cob seasoning: dried tangerine peel, salted kelp rich in nutrients, rich in iodine, iron, calcium, protein fat, small amount and starch, mannitol, carrotVitamins, vitamins B1, B2, niacin, fucoidan and other minerals are essential nutrients for the body.

At the same time, its iodine content is 3%-5%, and iodine is a necessity for regulating thyroid function in the human body.

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