Give yourself time to listen to a song

Give yourself time to listen to a song

About a few minutes with my friends, I saw my friend’s car slowly dragged into the parking lot.

I raised my hand to pay tribute to him, but the parked car did not move. Through the window, I saw him close his eyes and lean against the back of the chair. His expression was very intoxicating.

After about three or four minutes, he opened the door and got off the bus.

  When he sat down, I smiled and asked him what happened in the scene.

My friend blinked at me: “When I was about to turn off the fire, a very favorite song came from the radio, so I decided to enjoy it and get off, let you wait, not angry?

“how could be?

I looked at my good friend in front of me and smiled from the bottom of my heart. I finally understood why this friend is working hard, but I am always calm. It turns out that he is a standard “present master” – always knows the fact that he lives with every present.
  I once heard a story. A monk found a strawberry in the bush on the way to escape the tiger, so he stopped to pick up the strawberry to taste. At this time, there is still a leisurely eating strawberry, which sounds incredible?

However, if you think about it carefully, in your daily life, the feeling of “Tiger Shadow” is actually fabricated by your own imagination.

For example, regretting the wrong words and deeds that have passed, or not forgetting the harm of others to yourself, and sometimes worrying about whether the situation will be overwhelming in the future, is the plan unable to keep up with the changes?

I missed the past and worried about the future, and often disturbed my current life, so I felt pressure.

  So, start your own senses now, try it, close your eyes, use only one sense, such as music, smell, touch each other.

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