If you are not ill, you can prevent it first.

If you are not ill, you can prevent it first.

TCM health care requires prevention and prevention. Before the body does not have disease, it is necessary to do preventive work to prevent the invasion of disease and evil. Let’s take a look at the health care methods of “no disease first prevention” and “disease disease prevention”.

First, the first disease prevention (a) the concept of the first disease prevention, the first disease prevention means that before people have no disease, take various measures to prevent the disease.

This is the most prominent manifestation of Chinese medicine prevention of disease.

“It is the reason that the disease has been cured, so it is the law of the medical family; the disease is not cured, so the reason for the birth of the students” (“Danxi Heart Law”).

Prevention of disease prevention and prevention will improve disease resistance and prevent disease and invasion.

(2) Method 1 for preventing disease first, nourish the body, improve the body’s ability to resist disease (1) Rehabilitation spirit: Spiritual emotional activity is the embodiment of visceral function activities.

Sudden and intense mental stimulation, or repeated, continuous stimulation, can make the body’s air machine distorted, qi and yin and dysfunction, and in the process of disease, emotional shift can make the disease worse.

Therefore, the spirit of nursed back to health is the first priority.

(2) Exercise: “Life is in motion.”

Through the movement, the human body can make the air machine smooth, the blood circulation, the joints loose, enhance the body and improve the disease resistance.

It can completely reduce the occurrence of diseases, promote health and longevity, and also have certain therapeutic effects on certain chronic diseases.

(3) Living and living should be regular.

(4) Drug prevention and artificial immunization: There are records in the “Su Wen and Thorn Law”: “Small Jindan . served 10 capsules, no epidemic dry”, it can be seen that drugs have been used to prevent diseases almost very early.

At present, in the 16th century, the invention of the human vaccination method to prevent smallpox was pioneered, which was the pioneer of artificial immunity, which opened the way for the development of post-infection prevention immunology.

The initial transformation of the development of traditional Chinese medicine, the trial of traditional Chinese medicine to prevent a variety of diseases has received very good results.

Such as Banlangen, Daqingye to prevent influenza, mumps, purslane to prevent bacillary sputum, etc., are effective methods to prevent and use.

2, to prevent the invasion of disease and evil: disease is the important condition that causes the disease to occur, so the first disease prevention is not only to enhance physical fitness, but also to improve the anti-evil ability of righteousness, but also to prevent the invasion of disease and evil.

Health should be paid to prevent environmental, water and food pollution. Six poisons, epidemic diseases, etc. should be avoided.

Due to trauma and insects, animal injuries, it is necessary to take precautions in daily life and labor.

Second, the disease prevention and change (a) the concept of disease prevention and change The so-called disease prevention refers to the early diagnosis and early treatment after the disease occurs to prevent the development and transmission of disease.

(B) the method of disease prevention and change, early diagnosis: “The beginning of the disease is shallow, then easy to cure; long and deep, it is difficult to cure” (“Medical Source Theory · Anti-micro”).

In the early stage of the disease, the condition is light and the righteousness is not weak, so it is easier to treat.

If it is not treated in time, the evil will be caused by the episode, the condition will be aggravated, the righteousness will be seriously depleted, and the condition will be critical.

Therefore, after the disease, it is necessary to anticipate the early diagnosis and treatment, to prevent diseases from small to large, from light to heavy, from local to the whole, to prevent micro-duration, which is an important principle of disease.

The so-called “seeing the micro-knowledge, suffering from not sprouting, is for work” (“Medical Enlightenment”).

If the head is dizzy, the thumb and secondary fingers are numb, the mouth and muscles are involuntarily beating as a sign of stroke, and care must be taken to avoid a major problem.

2, to prevent transmission: Metamorphosis, also known as transmission, refers to the transfer changes caused by organs.

“The good doctors know that the disease is prosperous and must be passed on, precautions are made, there is no convergence, no flooding, no integration, and this is not the case of medical treatment” (“Medical Sources Theory”Up and down theory”).

3, Xianan did not suffer from the evil land: not only disease prevention, but also to cut off the path of disease and evil, and “should be safe before the evil land.”

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