Jumping for ten minutes is equivalent to jogging for half an hour

Jumping for ten minutes is equivalent to jogging for half an hour

Strength, time to master the length of skipping varies from person to person.

If it is a continuous fast-paced skipping, it is best not to exceed 10 minutes, otherwise the heart will be overwhelmed.

If you take a break and take a break, it is better to take 30 minutes each time.

The amount of specific exercise depends on the individual’s physical strength and the amount of need.

Don’t force yourself to meet the standards.

  Skipping is an outdoor activity against the amount of exercise. Before you practice, be sure to prepare for all parts of the body, especially the foot, wrist and shoulder joints. The elbow joint must be active.

  Slowly at the beginning, you can gradually increase the speed of skipping by increasing the time.

The slow speed is maintained at an average of 60-70 beats per minute; the faster speed is maintained at an average of 140-160 beats per minute.

  In the winter, it is inevitable to sweat when jumping ropes outdoors. When you stop, you should wear your coat in time.

Skipping is always a game for children, or a good way to exercise.

Fitness enthusiasts can participate in the group according to their own schedule and exercise time, in which they can experience the fun of multi-person skipping.

  In terms of exercise volume, continuous skipping for 10 minutes is almost the same as jogging for 30 minutes or jumping for 20 minutes. It is a kind of power training that takes less time and consumes a lot of energy.

Skipping can promote blood circulation, protect the heart, improve lung capacity, and even improve the development of complications, strengthen the body, develop intelligence, and benefit human health.

  Get up in the morning and sleep in the eye. If you jump the rope first, you will be clear-headed and energetic. Jumping at night will make you sleep well.

Skipping rope also has the effect of losing weight. According to research, too many people skipping rope before meals can reduce appetite.

  Long-term insistence on skipping can train people’s bounce, speed, balance, endurance and explosiveness, and can also cultivate precise, reasonable and coordinated.

For example, retired old people and unit colleagues can often carry out multi-person skipping. They can encourage each other and increase the interest. In the emotional exchange, they also exercise the tenacious will and the spirit of struggling.

  Especially for young people at work, there will be further understanding of the team’s spirit of collaboration and mutual assistance.

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