Slimming mother Chen Hong

Slimming mother Chen Hong

As the first spokesperson of the Ambition slimming expert, Ms. Chen, who is already her two sons, talked about her way of maintaining her body. There is only one word secret.

  Chen Hong is very “good” to eat, her body is a type that grows not fat, so it is very good, and the higher the conversion, the more like, snacks, chocolate, Shanghai cuisine, Italian cuisine is her favorite.

But as a big beauty who is famous in the film and television circle, it is still very careful.

So in order to avoid getting fat, Chen Hong still has a modest control diet.

Moreover, she uses the treadmill for 30 minutes every day, which not only helps to maintain a slim body, but also concentrates herself and feels more energetic.

Chen Hong suggested that new women should get up in the morning and only eat fruit, which is very helpful for clearing the skin.

  It seems that Chen Hong is indeed a lot cheaper than her star mom in how to keep her body.

However, in terms of skin care, it is sloppy.

  Chen Hong is a mixed skin, and the T-shaped part is easy to produce oil. Therefore, she chooses cosmetics to replace the skin without irritating, preferably a moisturizing skin care product containing natural natural ingredients.

At the same time, more sleep is also a major focus of her skin care, because artists sometimes take pictures to stay up all night, often staying up late will affect the skin, so when not filming, she will insist on the habit of going to bed early, fixed exercise.

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