Diet has a longevity

Diet has a longevity

There is no shortage of “diet” in ancient China.

Confucius said that “food should not be full”; “Pipe” also records: “Diet Festival, then profit and longevity; diet is not the case, it is tired and life-threatening.

“Sin Tang era medical scientist Sun Sizhen lived to 101 years old.

He is in the median of “Thousands of Gold”: “I don’t want to eat very thirsty, but I don’t want to eat too much. I don’t want to drink too much, don’t drink too much.”

If you eat too much, you will accumulate. If you are too thirsty, you will become a cockroach.

Liang Hongjing, a medical scientist of the Liang Dynasty, said very clearly in the “Health and Desire Record”: “The less you eat, the more your heart opens, the more you get better every year. The more you eat, the more your heart is stuffed, and the more you lose weight.”

“Shi Chengjin, a medical scientist of the Qing Dynasty, also pointed out that if people want to live longer, they must be “sufficiently supplemented by food and food.”

Most of these exceptions are correct and have been proven by future scientific experiments.

  A well-known nutritionist and geriatrician, Clyde of Cornell University, USA.

Professor McCabe made an interesting animal experiment: the mice were divided into A and B, and the changes ensured the necessary nutrient supply. However, the mice in Group A were restricted in diet, while the mice in Group B were not restricted.After eating, the bones stopped growing in 175 days after the mice in group B, and the bones were still growing slowly after 300 days to 1000 days in group A.

Group B mice have all died in less than two and a half years; while group A rats have lived for 3-4 years, and the prevalence is also small. The experiment has been repeatedly verified and the results are consistent.

This is the most amazing “Mecca effect” in gerontology research.

  The famous contemporary elder scientist Ross used the same kind of experiment as the human close relative, the monkey.

They chose 200 Indian monkeys, 100 of which were supplied with sufficient food without any restrictions, while the other 100 only supplied 70% of the food.

The necessary nutrients (such as protein, vitamins, minerals) contained in the feed are the same. After observing 125 kinds of experimental indicators, the following results are formed: the monkeys who eat seven-point fullness gradually decrease in metabolism, and the body temperature is relatively better than your diet.The content of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) is higher than that of the “unlimited diet” group. Blood lipids and blood pressure are also about 10% lower than those of the food-free group. At the same time, the metabolites used by insulin indicate that it is not easy to have diabetes.

  Studies have found that reducing metabolism in the diet will reduce the body’s metabolic rate, thereby increasing metabolic efficiency; limiting diet can delay the reduction of immune function and reduce the level of free radical reaction, thereby slowing the damage of free radicals to the body cells.

  Diet and body micro-consumption are close, which is very obvious in animals, food intake is high, body temperature is high, and the types of dissipated are generally short-lived; while the temperature of sea water is low, relative to food intake, many marine animals and near-waterReptiles are long-lived, barracudas can live for 200-250 years, whales can live for 300-400 years, turtles have a normal lifespan of 100-175 years, crocodiles are 200-300 years old, and some of them can be eaten for several days.Even in a few months, their lives are ubiquitous.

  Humans also have a similar trend. People who eat more, have a large amount of activity, and have a fast heart rate generally do not live longer.

Fleming, an epidemiologist in Boston, USA.

Dr. Hamm has tracked more than 5,000 people for 40 consecutive years. He found that people with a heart rate of more than 80 beats/min in quiet state and those with less than 70 beats/min were divided into two.

6 times.

Decreased body temperature slows heart rate and, more importantly, reduces metabolic rate.

According to the study, when the body temperature drops to 30, the metabolic rate is reduced by about half, and the body’s oxygen consumption is about 50% of normal.

  When scientists study the essence of life, the Lord discovers that the organism has its specific ability to survive. This can be re-released, and life is over. Research on the relationship between animal heart rate and life shows that 800 million heartbeats are the limit of animal life.Anyone who has jumped 800 million times in the heart will die at the end of his life (except for deaths due to illness or accident).

The faster the heart rate, the shorter the life expectancy.

The mouse beats 900 times a minute, two years of death; the small swallow heartbeat restarts, 1200 times per minute, can only live more than 1 year; the heart of the elephant is implanted 30 times / minute, live for 50 years; the turtle’s heart rate is less than 10 times /It can live for 150 years, which also indicates that life expectancy is closely related to biological metabolism.

  Observations of life expectancy around the world have found that people living in the cold zone have a longer life than those living in the tropics. Norway, Sweden, and Finland are close to the North, and are known for their longevity, while the longevity in the equator is extremely rare.

  Many cold water baths and winter swimmers live long, and those who wrap themselves up in the winter are not long-lived and are prone to certain diseases.

  All these assertions about “diet” tell people to flash, in the order of ensuring basic nutrition, do not eat too much, limit the amount of food.

Since feces are produced more than twice as much as protein or carbohydrates, a low-fat diet should be chosen.

The living environment should be cool and not too much.

In addition, emotional balance, sit-in, qigong and other static-based exercises can stabilize body temperature, slow heartbeat, and help longevity, and then prevent infectious diseases and avoid fever.

  As long as you stick to proper dieting, instead of being hungry and losing weight, you will definitely receive unexpected results.

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