[Can barley freeze?]_ Cold preservation_Can you

You can do it at will, if you want to know how to do it, if you want to know how to do it, you will be able to see how it is going.钖忕背鐨勮惀鍏绘垚鍒嗭紝钖忕背鏈€濂芥槸鐢ㄤ繚椴滆杩涜瀵嗗皝淇濆瓨锛屽彟澶栬繃鏈熺殑钖忕背鏄笉鍙互椋熺敤鐨勶紝鍥犱负杩囨湡鐨勮枏绫冲唴閮ㄧ殑钀ュ吇鎴愬垎浼氬彂鐢熷彉鍖栵紝闇夊彉浜嗕箣鍚庣殑钖忕背鍚冧簡涔嬪悗涔熷鏄撳鑷磋韩浣撳嚭鐜扮柧鐥咃紝鎵€浠ヨ繕鏄簲璇ュ悆鏂伴矞鐨勮枏绫炽€傜敓钖忕背鏀惧啺绠卞喎鍐讳篃涓嶆槸涓嶅彲浠ョ殑銆傝枏绫虫€庝箞淇濆瓨濂斤細1銆佸瘑灏佸墠澶勭悊銆傛妸钖忕背鍏ㄩ儴鍊掑湪涓€涓ぇ鐩樺瓙锛屽亣濡傛湁铔€铏紝瀹冧細椹笂鐖嚭鏉ワ紝杩欐椂鎮ㄤ究寰楁妸瀹冩姄鍑烘潵寮勬浜嗐€傞亣涓婇洦澶╋紝鍙兘鏀剧疆鐗囧埢锛岀瓑鍏ㄩ儴鐨勮泙铏兘鐖嚭鏉ユ墠瀛樻斁璧锋潵;鏅村ぉ灏卞緱鎷垮幓鏅掑お闃筹紝鏅掑ぇ姒?0 鍒 嗛 挓 鍗 冲劲 銆?銆佽琚嬨€傚皢澶勭悊濂界殑钖忕背瑁呭叆淇濋矞琚嬶紝鎵撳寘濂姐€?銆佸瘑灏併€傚皢鎵撳寘濂界殑钖忕背锛屾斁鍏ュ瘑灏佺綈锛岀綈瀛愬簲浜嬪墠娓呮磥骞插噣锛屼笉瑕佺暀鏈夋按鐝狅紝淇濇寔骞茬嚗銆?銆佹斁鍏ュ啺绠便€傛瘡娆$敤瀹岄兘寰楁斁鍐扮锛屼笉鑳芥斁鍦ㄥ娓╀笅锛屽鏃ョ値鐑紝瀹规槗闀胯泙铏€傝枏绫宠繃鏈熶簡杩樿兘鍚冨悧锛氳枏绫宠繃鏈熶簡涓嶅缓璁啀椋熺敤銆傝枏绫宠繃鏈熶簡寰堝鏄撲骇The new product is a new product, and it is a brand new one. It is a new product. It is a new product in Sichuan and Sichuan. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. 镗 ╁ 唴 閮 ㄧ 標 樿 撿 撜 洜 洪  鐗 ╁ 唴 閮 〧 撖 勭  钀 ュ 吇 愬 渼 氂 氂 氂 浂煎惛銆侀叾瑙c€佺硸鍖栫瓑锛岄兘鑳藉紩璧烽鐗╃殑鍙樿川銆備笉绠℃槸鍙戦湁鐨勮枏绫宠繕鏄檲骞磋枏绫抽兘涓嶅疁椋熺敤锛屽叾鍐呴儴鐨勮惀鍏诲厓绱犲ぇ澶氶兘宸茬粡娴佸け锛岃€屼笖澶勪簬鍙樿川鎴栨帴杩戝彉璐ㄧ殑鏃舵湡鐨勮枏绫冲悆浜嗗浜轰綋鏈変竴瀹氬嵄瀹炽€傚叧浜庤枏绫崇殑淇濆瓨鏂规硶灏变粙缁嶅埌杩欓噷浜嗭紝瑕佹槸杩囨湡浜嗗氨涓嶈鍚冧簡锛岃韩浣撳仴搴锋墠鏄秴绾ч噸瑕佺殑銆?

[Eat onion]_Onion_Efficacy_Effect

[Eat onion]_Onion_Efficacy_Effect

Onion is a common ingredient, because it is crisp and delicious to eat, and it is also rich in vitamins and alternative fibers, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, accelerate digestion and absorption, and effectively supplement the nutrients needed by the human body. It is deeply loved by friends.

At the same time, onions must have some medicinal value.

So, do you eat onions?

The answer is impotence.

In addition to the high content of protein, vitamins, glucose and calcium, iron, and selenium, onion ingredients also contain phytochemicals such as sulfur compounds, flavonoids, and prostaglandins, which have a variety of health effects.

Onions have become the new “aristocratic” in healthy food and a medicinal “vegetable health food” for both medicine and vegetables.

Indians use it as a “sex hormone.”

Modern medicine has also found that onions have multiple effects such as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, diuretic and antidiarrheal, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood lipids, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, etc. It is the only plant known to contain prostaglandins that can protect the prostate.

It is not only the copyright of the “queen of dishes”, but also an aphrodisiac product such as a Russian man who can’t live without onions for three meals a day.

There are many ways to eat onions. If you want to give full play to its “men’s dishes” effect, you may wish to hinder fried onions or fried beef with onions. They are delicious, rich in nutritional value, and have great benefits for men.

Therefore, eat onions to impotence.

However, it is also necessary to eat in moderation, and it is not recommended to just aphrodisiac by eating onions.

It is recommended to relax, pay attention to rest, exercise properly, and strengthen your physique, which is also helpful to improve sexual function.

[How to eat green onions to aphrodisiac]_ green onions _ kidney tonic _ how to eat

[How to eat green onions to aphrodisiac]_ green onions _ kidney tonic _ how to eat

There are many types of spring onions. Green spring onions is one of them. Green spring onions are generally used for cooking and have a seasoning effect.

In terms of nutrition, green onions are rich in nutrients and have aphrodisiac effects.

Welsh onions, but we must pay attention to eating correctly.

So how to eat green onions to aphrodisiac?


Welsh onion: This is a traditional aphrodisiac vegetable. It is effective when eaten on the day. For example, welsh shallot and shrimp are used together for better results.

Raw scallions are best, and they are also fried.

For men, eating green onions or chives 3 times a week can be cooked, served cold, and can also be used as a flavoring agent, which can achieve the role of impotence and yin.


Welsh onion is a common food in our daily life. It can be eaten raw and the stir-fry is the best.

At the wine table, I often hear people jokingly say that it will take ten minutes to have sex with a green onion per meal.

As a result, many men are drinking more and more with scallions and dipping sauce.

It is really impossible to measure and verify whether eating green onions can aphrodisiac and whether it can really lengthen the sex time.

However, in the books of Chinese medicine or experts of Chinese medicine, leek and onion have good effects of impotence.


Welsh onions are rich in various nutrients, which can relax blood vessels and promote blood circulation, which is very good for cardiovascular.

Modern medical research shows that the various vitamins in green onions can ensure the normal secretion of human hormones and can effectively stimulate sexual desire, thereby “aphrodisiac and tonic”.

Shallots are generally consumed by the general population, and are more suitable for mental workers.

But some people should not eat onions.

First, people with kidney disease, especially ulcer disease, should not eat more. Second, onion stimulates sweat glands. People with underarm odor should eat it carefully in summer.Onions; Finally, people with poor eyesight should not eat onions.

[Can you eat pigeon soup for cough]_Respiratory infections_Can you eat

[Can you eat pigeon soup for cough]_Respiratory infections_Can you eat

Everyone is no stranger to mentioning pigeons. Pigeons represent peace. In ancient times, ancient people used pigeons as carriers of correspondence. You can see that pigeons are very important in people’s lives.

The nutritional value of pigeons is very high, and they have certain health-care functions for the body.

Many parents want to supplement the baby with pigeon soup, wondering if the baby can eat pigeon soup for cough?

First, can baby drink pigeon soup for cough, baby drink pigeon soup for cough, but in moderation, should not drink more.

Pigeons, also known as white phoenixes, have delicious meat, are rich in nutrition, and have certain auxiliary medical functions.

The famous Chinese patent medicine Wuji Baifeng Pill is made from black bone chicken and Baifeng.

There is an old saying that “one pigeon wins nine chickens”. Pigeons have higher nutritional value and are very suitable for the elderly, the physically weak, the sick, the pregnant women and children.

Obviously, if the baby has a cough caused by a cold and cold, then do not drink pigeon soup, because it is not appropriate to eat warm food during the cold.

Second, the practice of pigeon soup 1, the production method of stewed young pigeon with white fungus skin peel: 1, the young pigeon is slaughtered and washed, chopped into pieces, put in boiling water for 2 minutes, rinse with water, and put it into the soup bowl.

2. Wash and cut the white fungus with water, add it to the boiling water pot, and put it into the soup bowl, then add water to the skin.

3. Set the pot on medium heat, boil the broth, add salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, stir into the soup bowl, steam in the basket drawer for 30 minutes on high heat until cooked.

Features: Fresh taste, nourishing yin and nourishing lungs.

2, yam pigeon soup ingredients: a pigeon, yam section, black fungus 2?
3 quail eggs?
7, red dates, medlar polysaccharides.

Seasoning: ginger slices, shallots, cooking wine, salt.

Method: 1. Wash the pigeons, add in boiling water, add cooking wine, remove blood, remove and wash.

2. Add ginger slices, spring onion, wolfberry, red dates and simmer over low heat.

5 hours.

3, yam shaved skin, cut stick knife block, soaked black fungus, quail eggs are cooked like boiled eggs, peeled.

4. Prick with chopsticks. When it is crisp, add quail eggs and black fungus.

5. Stew on low heat for 20 minutes, add yam, and simmer until yam crisps, season with salt.

Third, the precautions for drinking pigeon soup 1. Pigeon soup is hot, easy to get angry or cold and afraid of heat, often blushing, and those who love sweating are best not to eat.

In addition, pigeon soup should not be eaten with the same hot foods as beef and mutton.

2. Drinking pigeon soup cannot be eaten with hot food. Because pigeon soup is hot, it is easy to get angry and cause blushing. It is best not to eat for those who love sweating. At the same time, avoid drinking pigeon soup withBeef and lamb are served together with hot food like this.

[How long can salmon be cooked?]

[How long can salmon be cooked?]

Salmon is a type that can be eaten raw, but it must be eaten with mustard to effectively kill the bacteria in the fish. Of course, people with a bad stomach are better to cook the fish before eating it.

Salmon can be fried or stewed. Steaming is relatively better. But how long does it last?

Salmon should be eaten fresh. Generally, steaming is sufficient. This kind of fish is relatively well cooked. It will be good for about 20 minutes.

About 8 minutes.

Steamed salmon method one, the material is very simple, a piece of salmon, and then prepare some mushrooms, onions, ginger, parsley, garlic.

Cut the salmon into large pieces; slice the onion; slice the shiitake mushrooms; slice the parsley; chop the garlic; shred the ginger; 2. Take a large plate. The plate should not be too shallow.Layer onion shreds, then spread a layer of shiitake mushroom slices, and sprinkle with some shredded ginger; 3, place salmon on shredded onion, shiitake mushroom slices, and shredded ginger, and steam for about 6-7 minutes in a pan; 4, take a small bowl, Pour the soup that just steamed fish out, add the minced garlic, add a few drops of seafood soy sauce, add a little sugar, mix well and sprinkle on the salmon, sprinkle with coriander, or justTake the fish and dip it in the sauce.

Steamed salmon method two, onion, shredded ginger, shredded parsley stem; shred half onion, ginger shredded in a plate; place salmon on the paved shallot, shredded ginger; then half the onion, gingerPlace the shreds on the fish; 2. Add water to the pot, place the fish dish on the cage drawer after boiling, and cover the lid.

After seeing the gas, steam for 3-4 minutes; adjust the juice: use a small fire to heat the pot to a slight heat, add a few drops of olive oil, do not burn the oil too hot, cook a few drops of steamed fish stew oil, and thenAdd a tablespoon of boiling water, then pour into a bowl, add a little fine coriander and mix thoroughly; steam the salmon lightly into another dish, add the prepared juice and serve.

Steamed salmon tips1, how to choose fresh salmon: when processing fish, the meat is firm and elastic, and the fish is bright orange-red.

2. Do n’t buy too much at one time. After you buy it, leave it for the day. Cut the rest into small pieces according to the amount of use, seal it with plastic wrap, put in a freezer and put it in the refrigerator. If it is frozen at -20 ℃, you can save it.1?
2 months.

[1]3. Salmon contains excessive moisture and traces. It should not be heated for too long, otherwise the meat will become dry and hard to eat.

40 grams to 100 grams of sashimi, steam over high heat for about 3-5 minutes to turn off the heat, and then stuffy for another 1-2 minutes.

4. Some people suffer from fish allergies.

After eating fish, carefully observe whether there is an allergic reaction. If there is a small red rash on the skin or symptoms such as diarrhea, eat fish temporarily.

5. Salmon itself has a salty taste. Pay attention to the amount of steamed fish stew oil.

The nutritional value of steamed salmon Salmon has lowering blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, enhancing brain function, Alzheimer’s, preventing vision loss, strengthening the stomach, tonicity, and water.

Onion: stomach, expectorant, diuretic mushrooms: tonic, spleen, phlegm

[Can I eat red bean paste during menstruation]_Menstrual_Can I eat it

銆 愮 粡 網 彲 浠 ュ 悆 绾 ㈣ 圌 夌 抧 抧 銆 慢 粢 粡 _ 鑳 悆 悆 钖?
浼楁墍鍛ㄧ煡锛岀孩璞嗘矙鏄竴绉嶇敎鍝侊紝鍙堟湁寰堝鍏朵粬鐨勫彨娉曪紝濡傦細绾㈣眴姹ゃ€佺孩璞嗘矙绯栨按绛夛紝鐗瑰埆閫傚悎鐐庣儹鐨勫澶╅鐢紝娓呭噳瑙g儹銆佸仴鑴剧泭鑳冦€侀€氳偁鍒╀究銆佸埄灏挎秷鑲跨瓑銆傝€屼笖绾㈣眴娌欐槸涓昏鏄敱绾㈣眴鍒舵垚鐨勶紝鍙f劅浼氭瘮绾㈣眴绮ユ洿鍔犲彲鍙c€佺粏鑵汇€侀鐢滐紝鍙楀埌寰堝浜虹殑鍠滄銆傞偅涔堝コ鎬х粡鏈熷彲浠ュ悆绾㈣眴娌欏悧锛熶笅鏉ヤ竴璧烽殢灏忕紪鏉ョ湅鐪嬨€傝嚜鍙や互鏉ワ紝绾㈣眴閮芥槸浠ュコ鎬цˉ琛€鍦e搧鐨勫Э鎬佸嚭鐜板湪涓栦汉闈㈠墠銆Be prepared for this issue, and you will be able to see how the monkeys are doing. You are the only one who is in a hurry. You are the one who is in trouble. You are in a hurry. You are in a hurry. You are in a hurry.This is the first step in the process of making a child’s life. It’s rough and rough. It’s a rough chain.绛夎ˉ琛€椋熺墿锛屼細浣垮緱缁忔湡寤堕暱銆傛洿鏈夌敋鑰咃紝缁忚娴佸嚭鏃跺凡鏈変竴閮ㄥ垎浣撴恫浼撮殢鐫€缁忚娴佸嚭浣撳锛岃€岀孩璞嗗張鏈夊埄姘寸殑浣滅敤锛屾鏃堕鐢ㄧ孩璞嗘矙鏈夊彲鑳藉鑷寸己姘达紝瀵硅韩浣撲笉鏄緢鏈夊埄銆傛湀缁忔湡闂达紝濂虫€ч渶瑕佽繘琛屽悎鐞嗙殑楗銆傚鏋滈ギ椋熶笉褰擄紝It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s very easy to use it. It ‘s simple. It ‘s easy to use it.锛屼篃鍙互璋冭妭鎯呯华鏉ョ紦瑙d笉閫傘€傜孩璞嗘槸涓€绉嶅叕璁ょ殑琛ヨ椋熺墿锛屽浜庢湀缁忔湡Do you have a pickaxe?濂虫€х粡鏈熷悆绾㈣眴琛ヨ涓尰璁や负锛岀孩璞嗘€у钩锛屽懗鐢橀吀锛屾棤姣掞紝鏈夋粙琛ュ己澹€佸仴鑴惧吇鑳冦€佸埄姘撮櫎婀裤€佹竻鐑В姣掋€侀€氫钩姹佸拰琛ヨ鐨勫姛鑳斤紝鐗瑰埆閫傚悎鍚勭姘磋偪鐥呬汉鐨勯鐤椼€備骇鍚庝钩姹佷笉瓒冲枬纰楃孩灏忚眴绮ャ€傜幇浠g爺绌跺彂鐜帮紝绾㈣眴涓篃鍚湁涓€绉嶇殏鐢欑被鐗╄川锛岃兘淇冭繘閫氫究鍙婃帓灏匡紝瀵瑰績鑴忕梾鎴栬偩鐥呭紩璧风殑姘磋偪鏈夎緟鍔╂不鐤椾綔鐢ㄣ€傜孩璞嗗瘜鍚搧璐紝鏈夎ˉ琛€鐨勪綔鐢紝鏄コ鎬х敓鐞嗘湡闂寸殑婊嬭ˉ浣冲搧銆傛寜鐓ф棩鏈殑浼犵粺锛屽湪濂冲効鏈堢粡鍒濇鏉ユ疆鏃讹紝姣嶄翰閮戒細鐓笂涓€閿呯孩璞嗛キ锛岄櫎浜嗘湁绁濈濂冲闀挎垚濂充汉鐨勬剰涔変箣澶栵紝涔熸湁琛ュ厖缁忔湡钀ュ吇銆侀闃茬己閾佹€ц传琛€鐨勫疄璐ㄦ晥鏋溿€傜孩璞嗘€庝箞鍚冭ˉ琛€绾㈣眴鍚冩硶寰堝锛屾渶绠€鍗曠殑鏄皢绾㈣眴鍜岀传绫冲垎鍒礂鍑€锛屼互灏忕伀鐓€忓嵆鍙鐢ㄣ€傞鐢ㄦ椂鍙互鍔犲叆閫傞噺铚傝湝璋冨懗銆傚彟澶栵紝涔熷彲灏嗙孩璞嗘礂鍑€锛岀敤娓呮按娴告场2-3灏忔椂鍚庢崬鍑猴紝涓庡ぇ绫充竴璧风啲鐓垚绮ヨ繘椋熴€傜孩璞嗘槸闈炲父閫傚悎濂虫€х殑椋熺墿锛屽叾涓板瘜鐨勯搧璐ㄥ叿鏈夊緢濂界殑琛ヨ鍔熻兘锛屼篃閫傜敤浜庡コ鎬х粡鏈熶笉閫傜棁鐘剁殑绾捐В銆傜粡鏈熷枬涓€纰楃儹鍛煎懠鐨勭孩璞嗘堡锛岃韩浣撴殩鏆栫殑锛岃吂鐥涚棁鐘朵篃浼氬緱鍒板噺杞汇€傝娉ㄦ剰鐨勬槸锛岀孩璞嗘堡鏈€濂戒笉瑕佷笌姹ゅ渾銆佺矇鍦嗙瓑鐢滈娣峰悎鍚冿紝杩欐牱鐨勭儹閲忚繃楂橈紝瀹规槗閫犳垚鑴傝偑鍫嗙Н銆?

[Does ginger need to be peeled]_How to peel_How to peel

[Does ginger need to be peeled]_How to peel_How to peel

Ginger is a seasoning often used in our lives. Especially when eating seafood, ginger can effectively dispel cold.

First of all, the use of ginger does not have many problems that need attention.

But many friends will ask, does ginger need to be peeled?

It’s not necessary.

And on the ginger skin, there are many curcumin, which is very good for the body.

So it is recommended that you do not peel.

Ginger has the effects of accelerating the metabolism of the human body, passing through the meridians, etc. Therefore, ginger is often used as a male health care, which can help kidney yang, and also has a certain therapeutic effect on kidney deficiency impotence.

If men often feel cold and lose their appetite, they can often take fresh ginger tablets to stimulate gastric secretion and promote digestion.

Dry ginger warms and disperses colds, strengthens stomach and promotes blood circulation, Chinese wolfberry nourishes liver and kidneys, improves eyesight, and can be used to treat impotence caused by kidney yang deficiency, chills, cold limbs, back pain, waist and knee weakness, burnout, etc.

Later women in confinement, meals with ginger vinegar to accompany meals, is conducive to physical rehabilitation and replace infants.

In addition, ginger bath can prevent rheumatic headaches.

In particular, it is unscientific for the mother to take a bath without washing her hair. It is not sanitary for a month on a hot summer day, which is not only unhygienic, but also may cause skin inflammation and cripples.

Parturients can try ginger tablets in boiling water, wash their heads, and even wash their faces and hands, because ginger tablets can drive the cold, washing with ginger in water can prevent rheumatism and partial polarity.

Increase your appetite and prevent stomach problems. Whether steaming fish for cooking or seasoning, ginger is definitely on the table. Its spicy taste can be fishy, except for savory taste. Vegetable soup with ginger can also remove cold and medium taste, and the taste is fresh.

There is a saying in folklore that “rice is not fragrant, eat ginger”, that is, eating a few slices of ginger or putting a little ginger in the dishes when the meal is not fragrant or the amount of rice is reduced can improve appetite and increase the amount of rice.

Stomach ulcers, debilitating gastritis, enteritis, and colds can also be served with ginger to dispel cold sweats, warm the stomach to stop vomiting, and sterilize and analgesic.

Ginger is also a traditional Chinese medicine for treating nausea and vomiting.

In summer, especially in the fall and winter, bacterial growth and reproduction are extremely active, and it is easy to contaminate food and cause acute gastroenteritis, but eating some ginger can work, ginger can also kill oral pathogenic bacteria and cause pathogenic bacteria.

[How to fry flat mushrooms is crispy and delicious-]_ How to fry_Fried

[How is the oyster mushroom fried and crispy and delicious?

】 _How to Fry_Fried

Pleurotus ostreatus is a kind of food with very high nutritional value. Proper consumption can enhance immunity, regulate diseases, relax muscles and promote blood circulation, prolong life and promote brain development.

There are many ways to eat Pleurotus ostreatus in life. You can stew meat or cook soup. Of course, you can also fry it. If you want to make it crispy and delicious, you need to wrap the prepared Pleurotus ostreatus with flour.The effect will be very good.

First, how is the oyster mushroom fried and crispy and delicious?

1. Wash the mushrooms, tear them into strips, pinch the water for use, and prepare the flour, shallots, salt, and thirteen incense.

2. Stir the flour and mushrooms evenly, sprinkle with spring onion, salt, and thirteen incense, stir well.

3, open the oil and heat the oil. When the oil is hot, pan it, fry the mushrooms golden, and immediately go out of the pot. Do not fry for too long.

4. The delicious mushrooms are fried. You can put them on the plate. If you like spicy or barbecue, you can sprinkle the pepper and cumin. The taste will be better.

Second, the nutritional value and efficacy of Pleurotus ostreatus 1, enhance the immunity contains polysaccharides of anti-tumor cells, has a strong inhibitory effect on tumor cells, and has immune properties.

2. Conditioning diseases can be used as nutrition for frail patients. It has curative effects on hepatitis, chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, venous diseases, hypertension, etc. It also has certain effects on reducing blood cancer and treating urethral stones. It is also effective for women.Menopause syndromes can be used for conditioning.

3, Shujin Huoxue has the effect of chasing wind and dispersing cold, Shujin active.

Can cure waist and leg pain, numbness of hands and feet, and meridian discomfort.

4. Planting animal and plant foods of Pleurotus ostreatus.

It is worthy of the precious treasures of the palace, and nowadays it is often eaten by people, which is not only full of food, but also healthy and longevity.

5. Promoting brain development and promoting intellectual development have a unique effect, which is very important for the health of infants and the elderly.

Third, the purchase of Pleurotus ostreatus When choosing Pleurotus ostreatus: you should choose neat and neat rows, normal color, local crispy and thick, pure smell, no odor, no pests and diseases, eight mature fresh Pleurotus ostreatus.

Eight mature mushroom umbrellas are not flipped open, the edges of other mushroom umbrellas are tilted inward.

[Can soy milk eggs be eaten together]_Recommended diet

璞嗘祮鍜岄浮铔嬮兘鏄瘮杈冨父瑙佺殑鏃╅椋熷搧锛屾湁浜涗汉璁や负璞嗘祮鍜岄浮铔嬩笉鑳藉湪涓€璧峰悆锛屽鏄撳鑷撮鐗╃浉鍏嬬殑鏁堟灉锛屽叾瀹炶繖鏄病鏈夌瀛︿緷鎹殑锛屼袱绉嶉鐗╁湪涓€璧峰悆Advice: Litigation, lawsuits, and lawsuits: sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow繖鏂归潰鐨勫唴瀹广€傛垜浠兘鐭ラ亾璞嗘祮鏄€氳繃澶ц眴姹佸姞姘翠互鍚庯紝鐓哺鐨勪竴绉嶆贩鍚堢殑I want to know what to do and what to do and what to do and what to do and what to do and how to do it?涓ょ楗鍦ㄤ竴璧风粨鍚堬紝涓嶄細浜х敓涓€浜涗笉鍒╃殑鍙嶅簲锛岃兘澶熷鍔犲拰鍧囪 韬綋鐨勫惛鏀朵綔鐢紝鍏锋湁闈炲父濂界殑琛ュ厖铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ殑鏁堟灉銆傚湪鏃╅鐨勬椂鍊欏彲浠ヤ竴杈瑰悆楦¤泲锛屼竴杈瑰枬璞嗘祮锛岄浮铔嬫渶濂介€夋嫨鐧界叜铔嬫垨鑰呮槸鑼跺彾铔嬶紝灏介噺灏戝悆涓€浜涚厧铔嬫垨鑰呯倰铔嬶紝姣曠珶鐓庤泲鐐掕泲閲岄潰鍚湁鐨勬补鑴傚お楂橈紝鍙嶈€屼笉鍒╀簬鍋ュ悍钀ュ吇鐨勫惛鏀躲€傚綋鐒跺湪鍚冭眴娴嗗拰楦¤泲鐨勬椂鍊欎篃瑕佹敞鎰忥紝濡傛灉鑲犺儍涓嶈壇锛屾渶濂戒笉瑕佽繖鏍峰悆锛屽鏄撳鑷存秷鍖栦笉鑹紝姣曠珶璞嗘祮鍜岄浮铔嬮噷闈㈢殑铔嬬櫧璐ㄦ瘮杈冧赴瀵岋紝杩欏浜庤偁鑳冧笉鑹殑浜哄+鏉ヨ锛屽鏄撳紩璧疯偁鑳冩秷鍖栦笉鍒╋紝鐢氳嚦鍑虹幇涓€浜涙秷鍖栭亾鐤剧梾鐨勭棁鐘躲€傚彟澶栧浜庤偩鐥呮垨鑰呰偩鍔熻兘闅滅鐨勪汉澹潵璇达紝涔熷敖閲忎笉瑕佸悓鏃跺悆楦¤泲鍜岃眴娴嗭紝鍚屾牱鐨勯亾鐞嗭紝楦¤泲鍜岃眴娴嗛噷鍚湁澶ч噺鐨勮泲鐧借川锛屼細鍔犻噸鑲捐剰鐨勮礋鎷咃紝瀵逛簬鑲剧梾鎮h€呮潵璇村鏄撳紩璧蜂笉鑹殑鍙嶅簲锛屽浜庤倽鑳嗙柧鐥呮潵璇达紝涔熷敖閲忎笉瑕佽繖鏍峰瓙鍚冿紒鑲濊儐鐤剧梾鎮h€呰儐姹佸垎娉屽鏄撳嚭鐜伴殰纰嶏紝瀹规槗瀵艰嚧鑵硅儉鐨勭棁鐘躲€?

[Can avocado be eaten raw]Can it be eaten raw? Can it be eaten raw?

In the altar, in the world, in the world, in the world, in the world, in the world, in the world, in the world, in the world, in the world, in the world.
You can find the rules and regulations in this forum. You will be able to check the rules and regulations in the forum. You will be able to check whether you are in the world or not.墰娌规灉鐨勫懗閬撱€傚洜涓虹墰娌规灉娌℃湁棣欑敎鐨勫懗閬擄紝鍙槸娌硅吇鑵荤殑鎰熻銆傜墰娌规灉鍜屽叾浠栫殑姘存灉鏄畬鍏ㄤ笉鍚岀殑锛岃櫧鐒跺畠鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊兼瘮杈冮珮锛屽彲鏄彛鍛崇‘鏄皯鏁颁汉鍙互鎺ュ彈鐨勩€傛墍浠ュぇ瀹跺簲璇ヤ篃姣旇緝濂藉锛岃繖鏍风殑姘存灉锛屽湪鐢熺殑鏃跺€欏簲璇ユ槸浠€What patents are there? What are the problems? Are there any problems with each other?1. How to make up for the disease?How to make up for the disease?鐗涙补鏋滄槸钀ュ吇浠峰€间赴瀵岀殑姘存灉锛屾病鐔熶篃鏄彲浠ュ悆鐨勩€備絾鏄病鐔熺殑鐗涙补鏋滃悆璧Front and back and right and left and right, right, right, left, right, right, right, left, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, click here涓旀灉鑲夐兘鏄緢纭紝寤鸿涓嶈鍚冩病鐔熺殑鐗涙补鏋溿€傝€屼笖鐗涙补鏋滄渶濂借繕鏄鏂伴矞寮€鏂伴矞鍚冿紝鑰屼笖瑕佸嵆寮€鍗抽锛屼笉瀹滀箙鏀撅紝涓嶇劧鏋滆倝寰堝揩浼氭哀鍖栧彉榛勩€傜墰娌规灉娌$啛涔熸槸鍙互鍚冪殑锛岃€屼笖涔熶笉浼氭湁姣掓€э紝灏辨槸鍙f劅鐣ュ井宸€備竴鑸鏄彂鐜扮墰娌规灉娌$啛锛岄兘涓嶄細鐩存帴鐢熷悆鐨勶紝涓€鑸兘浼氭惌閰嶅叾瀹冮鏉愪竴璧峰悆锛屽铚傝湝銆傛垨鏄仛鎴愭堡鎴栨槸鍋氭垚濂舵様绛夐鐢ㄣ€? 鐗涙补鏋滄病鐔熸€庝箞鍚?銆佺墰娌规灉娌$啛瑕佸悆鐨勮瘽锛屽彲浠ュ皢鏈垚鐔熺殑鐗涙补鏋滅⒕鍘嬨€佺(纰庯紝灏卞儚鍋氬嚭鍚湁涓板瘜濂剁姸鐗╃殑鑺濆+涓€鏍凤紝缇庡懗鍙彛銆傜劧鍚庡皢纾ㄧ鐨勭墰娌规灉鎼厤楦¤泲銆佹斁鍏ユ矙鎷変腾 垾 鳨 呮 鑻 鍻 鈇 cre 圍 倍 Equipment inlaid with green leaves and mustard leaves in the world?The following are the rules and regulations: the following is the best way to do this: if you are in trouble, you will be afraid of what you are going to do.The rules are different, the marriage is very difficult, and the marriage is very difficult. You can make up for it, and you will be able to change it. It will change as soon as possible.杩欐牱涔熷彲浠ュ皢鐢熺殑鐗涙补鏋滅儰鐔熴€?Regarding the rules and regulations, the following rules are applicable: the following are the most important ones: the most important thing is that the umbrella is the same as the wind altar.紝鍗佸垎缇庡懗銆傞櫎浜嗙倰涔嬪锛屼篃鍙互鎶婃湭鐔熺殑鐗涙补鏋滅儰鐫€鍚冿紝浣嗘槸娉ㄦ剰鍙绋嶅井鐑ょ劍琛ㄧ毊鍗冲彲锛岀劧鍚庡啀鎾掍笂鏌犳姹佹垨娴风洂鍗冲彲銆?銆佺墰娌规灉鏈啛杩樻湁涓€涓姙娉曪紝閭e氨鏄皢鐗涙补鏋滃垏鐗囨斁鍏ラ閱嬩腑锛岃繖鏍疯兘澶熻鐗涙补鏋滃彉寰楁澗杞€屼笖鑳藉幓鐢熷懗銆傝繖涓柟娉曞緢鏄畝渚匡紝鍙互灏濊瘯涓€涓嬬殑銆?