Diet has a longevity

Diet has a longevity

There is no shortage of “diet” in ancient China.

Confucius said that “food should not be full”; “Pipe” also records: “Diet Festival, then profit and longevity; diet is not the case, it is tired and life-threatening.

“Sin Tang era medical scientist Sun Sizhen lived to 101 years old.

He is in the median of “Thousands of Gold”: “I don’t want to eat very thirsty, but I don’t want to eat too much. I don’t want to drink too much, don’t drink too much.”

If you eat too much, you will accumulate. If you are too thirsty, you will become a cockroach.

Liang Hongjing, a medical scientist of the Liang Dynasty, said very clearly in the “Health and Desire Record”: “The less you eat, the more your heart opens, the more you get better every year. The more you eat, the more your heart is stuffed, and the more you lose weight.”

“Shi Chengjin, a medical scientist of the Qing Dynasty, also pointed out that if people want to live longer, they must be “sufficiently supplemented by food and food.”

Most of these exceptions are correct and have been proven by future scientific experiments.

  A well-known nutritionist and geriatrician, Clyde of Cornell University, USA.

Professor McCabe made an interesting animal experiment: the mice were divided into A and B, and the changes ensured the necessary nutrient supply. However, the mice in Group A were restricted in diet, while the mice in Group B were not restricted.After eating, the bones stopped growing in 175 days after the mice in group B, and the bones were still growing slowly after 300 days to 1000 days in group A.

Group B mice have all died in less than two and a half years; while group A rats have lived for 3-4 years, and the prevalence is also small. The experiment has been repeatedly verified and the results are consistent.

This is the most amazing “Mecca effect” in gerontology research.

  The famous contemporary elder scientist Ross used the same kind of experiment as the human close relative, the monkey.

They chose 200 Indian monkeys, 100 of which were supplied with sufficient food without any restrictions, while the other 100 only supplied 70% of the food.

The necessary nutrients (such as protein, vitamins, minerals) contained in the feed are the same. After observing 125 kinds of experimental indicators, the following results are formed: the monkeys who eat seven-point fullness gradually decrease in metabolism, and the body temperature is relatively better than your diet.The content of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) is higher than that of the “unlimited diet” group. Blood lipids and blood pressure are also about 10% lower than those of the food-free group. At the same time, the metabolites used by insulin indicate that it is not easy to have diabetes.

  Studies have found that reducing metabolism in the diet will reduce the body’s metabolic rate, thereby increasing metabolic efficiency; limiting diet can delay the reduction of immune function and reduce the level of free radical reaction, thereby slowing the damage of free radicals to the body cells.

  Diet and body micro-consumption are close, which is very obvious in animals, food intake is high, body temperature is high, and the types of dissipated are generally short-lived; while the temperature of sea water is low, relative to food intake, many marine animals and near-waterReptiles are long-lived, barracudas can live for 200-250 years, whales can live for 300-400 years, turtles have a normal lifespan of 100-175 years, crocodiles are 200-300 years old, and some of them can be eaten for several days.Even in a few months, their lives are ubiquitous.

  Humans also have a similar trend. People who eat more, have a large amount of activity, and have a fast heart rate generally do not live longer.

Fleming, an epidemiologist in Boston, USA.

Dr. Hamm has tracked more than 5,000 people for 40 consecutive years. He found that people with a heart rate of more than 80 beats/min in quiet state and those with less than 70 beats/min were divided into two.

6 times.

Decreased body temperature slows heart rate and, more importantly, reduces metabolic rate.

According to the study, when the body temperature drops to 30, the metabolic rate is reduced by about half, and the body’s oxygen consumption is about 50% of normal.

  When scientists study the essence of life, the Lord discovers that the organism has its specific ability to survive. This can be re-released, and life is over. Research on the relationship between animal heart rate and life shows that 800 million heartbeats are the limit of animal life.Anyone who has jumped 800 million times in the heart will die at the end of his life (except for deaths due to illness or accident).

The faster the heart rate, the shorter the life expectancy.

The mouse beats 900 times a minute, two years of death; the small swallow heartbeat restarts, 1200 times per minute, can only live more than 1 year; the heart of the elephant is implanted 30 times / minute, live for 50 years; the turtle’s heart rate is less than 10 times /It can live for 150 years, which also indicates that life expectancy is closely related to biological metabolism.

  Observations of life expectancy around the world have found that people living in the cold zone have a longer life than those living in the tropics. Norway, Sweden, and Finland are close to the North, and are known for their longevity, while the longevity in the equator is extremely rare.

  Many cold water baths and winter swimmers live long, and those who wrap themselves up in the winter are not long-lived and are prone to certain diseases.

  All these assertions about “diet” tell people to flash, in the order of ensuring basic nutrition, do not eat too much, limit the amount of food.

Since feces are produced more than twice as much as protein or carbohydrates, a low-fat diet should be chosen.

The living environment should be cool and not too much.

In addition, emotional balance, sit-in, qigong and other static-based exercises can stabilize body temperature, slow heartbeat, and help longevity, and then prevent infectious diseases and avoid fever.

  As long as you stick to proper dieting, instead of being hungry and losing weight, you will definitely receive unexpected results.

Men’s longevity tips: often do 4 things, often eat 4 things!

You can do it

Men’s longevity tips: often do 4 things, often eat 4 things!
You can do it

Nowadays, it is an old man. Many young people pay special attention to health. Everyone wants their body to achieve health and longevity. Nowadays, social pressure is very high. For men, it is more important to pay attention to health.

The secret of men’s longevity?

1, care for the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular should pay attention to eat less meat, especially red meat, so that you can reduce the risk of risk, the general red meat, like beef, lamb, meat, a lot of aunt, eat moreIt can lead to arteriosclerosis, which causes some diseases.

2, drink less alcohol should drink less, including beer, can reduce the risk of liver disease, because frequent drinking will also threaten their own life, and even bring a lot of troubles to their lives.

3, protect the prostate often eat more intestinal tract, will definitely increase the risk of prostate disease, and a large number of protein diet will also reduce the incidence of disease, studies have shown that drinking 4 cups of red wine per week can lower the prostateThe incidence of cancer.

The red wine has a very high nutritional value and can inhibit the growth of polymers.

4, clean high blood pressure kidney is actually the most important organism in the body, and a lot of waste is filtered through the kidney to replace the body, so the burden of the kidney is very heavy, usually pay attention to the cleanliness of the kidneys, drink at least 2000 ml per dayWater, then the chances of the kidneys will also decrease, so you can drink honey properly every day.

What do men eat for health?

1, tomatoes and tomatoes are actually rich in vitamins, and often eat tomatoes can combine the relationship between cells, can inhibit collagen, can increase the body’s blood vessels.

2, carrots and carrots actually have the effect of lowering blood pressure, and the nutrients in carrots are also very high, can improve the body’s immunity, better to inhibit the occurrence of macromolecules, often eat carrots can also make the eyes particularly bright.

3, garlic garlic also has a strong bactericidal power, so often eat garlic can eliminate the bacteria in the body, men often eat can improve physical fitness, can strengthen the body.

And garlic also has great protection for the heart.

4, whole wheat bread against the pressure can eat more foods containing more vitamin B, whole wheat bread is a combination of fat, can release the release of energy better, have a certain calming effect, can easily recover the relaxation, will notA state of tension.

Tips for men should learn some ways to maintain health, in order to ensure that men’s health is more healthy, longer life, you should choose the food that suits you according to your own situation, usually pay more attention to your body.

Exercise and nutrition

Exercise and nutrition

In sports activities, the body will undergo a series of physiological changes, such as increased excitability of the central nervous system, increased endocrine function, strong metabolism, increased energy consumption, and accelerated metabolism of various nutrients.

Moreover, due to a large amount of sweating, a large amount of water, inorganic salts and vitamins are required to be increased.

The energy consumed in sports activities and the increase in nutrient requirements should be supplemented by reasonable supplements after exercise.

If the fitness participants lack reasonable nutritional support and scientific nutritional supplements, in addition to the adverse health of the body, it will affect the exerciser’s functional level and athletic ability.

Therefore, reasonable nutrition and scientific physical exercise are two important conditions for maintaining and promoting human health.

  General crowd exercise recommendations: type of exercise: aerobics and endurance sports, such as walking, cycling, jogging, doing exercises, swimming, dancing, climbing, table tennis, badminton, water aerobics, skiing, skating, etc.;Resistance exercise or muscle strength training, 2?
3 days / week.

  Exercise intensity: medium strength, instantaneous consumption 4?
7 kcal / sec.

  Conscious fatigue: a little tired, slightly tired.

  Exercise Prescription: For healthy adults, 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per day is the minimum requirement for disease prevention. It is best to have 3 types of exercise, which can be done in 2 to 3 times. Young people should do at least every day.Moderate-intensity exercise for 60 minutes, while attending at least once a week to enhance muscle strength, promote bone growth, sacral swimming, variable speed running, etc.; the elderly should focus on physical posture, soft and balanced ability, insist on walking every day, doRadio exercises, one-legged tips, etc. are good choices.

  Exercise frequency: 5 per week?
7 days, preferably 1 time a day.

The key is to develop a good exercise habit that has a certain physical activity every day, that is, regular exercise.

This is because the reason is that people who lack physical activity in normal times can only have corresponding health effects after a certain amount of regular exercise in a certain amount of time; but because people with moderate exercise have a regular exercise, the corresponding health promotion effectWill gradually disappear.

  Exercise: Endurance-type moderate-intensity aerobic exercise helps improve metabolic metabolism, reduce diabetes complications, and prevent and control obesity.

High-intensity exercise has a good effect on improving the heart and lung function (Note: Moderate intensity: fast walking, feeling heart rate, not feeling tired for more than 10 minutes of sustainable activity; high intensity: jogging, breathing faster, heart rate continues to accelerate).

  Nutrition recommendation for the general population: The daily intake of fitness athletes should ensure that the energy distribution ratios of glucose, trace and protein are appropriate, accounting for 55% of the total energy respectively.
60%, 25%?
30% and 12%?
15%, and absorb rich vitamins, especially B vitamins, and the right amount of trace elements.

A balanced diet requires 250 foods per person per day?
400 grams; vegetables 300?
500 grams, fruit 200?
400 grams; animal food such as fish, poultry, eggs, etc. 125?
225 grams; 300 grams of milk, beans equivalent to dry beans 30?
50 grams of soybeans and products; cooking oil does not exceed 25?
30 grams, the salt does not exceed 6 grams.

Old people often eat oranges to prevent elderly strokes

Old people often eat oranges to prevent elderly strokes

Oranges are also very rich in nutrients. In the 100 grams of edible portion, its protein content is 9 times that of pears, calcium is 5 times that of pears, and phosphorus content is 5 for pears.

5 times, the content of vitamin B1 is 8 times that of pear, the content of vitamin B2 is 3 times that of pear, and the content of niacin is 1 of pear.

5 times, the content of vitamin C is 10 times that of pear.

  Orange pulp and juice are rich in glucose, fructose, sucrose, malic acid, sulphuric acid, citric acid and carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, ascorbic acid and so on.

A variety of organic acids and vitamins in oranges are good for regulating the body’s metabolism and other physiological functions, especially for elderly cardiovascular patients.

  Orange peel is rich in vitamin B, which can maintain the dissolution of capillaries and prevent blood vessel rupture and bleeding.

It works in combination with vitamin C to increase the therapeutic effect of vitamin C on scurvy patients.

Therefore, people with high blood pressure hardening and vitamin C deficiency are very suitable for using orange peel skin water as a normal drink.

  Oranges also contain high levels of antioxidants that enhance the body’s immunity and inhibit tumor growth.

  Medical research has shown that regular consumption of oranges can prevent elderly strokes, which is associated with a large amount of vitamin C in orange.

Eating this natural vitamin C is not the same as eating vitamin C, because natural vitamin C is highly bioavailable in the body and has synergistic effects with other ingredients.

Scientists believe that the antioxidant effects of vitamin C in the body play an important role in reducing free radical absorption and other causes of atherosclerosis.

  In addition, oranges also have the effect of resisting computer radiation. Oranges are rich in vitamin A and carotene, which protect the skin of people who regularly use computers.

It is a health care product of the computer family.

  Tips: 1.

Although the oranges are good, they should not be eaten. You can eat 1-3 a day.

Eating too much will “get angry”, causing spondylitis, periodontitis and other symptoms.

It can also cause “orange disease” and symptoms such as yellowing of the skin.


It is not suitable for eating before meals or on an empty stomach.


Do not drink milk for 1 hour before and after eating oranges, because the protein in milk will coagulate when it meets the acid, which will affect digestion and absorption.


Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth in time to avoid harmful to your mouth.


Those with poor gastrointestinal function should eat less.

Give yourself time to listen to a song

Give yourself time to listen to a song

About a few minutes with my friends, I saw my friend’s car slowly dragged into the parking lot.

I raised my hand to pay tribute to him, but the parked car did not move. Through the window, I saw him close his eyes and lean against the back of the chair. His expression was very intoxicating.

After about three or four minutes, he opened the door and got off the bus.

  When he sat down, I smiled and asked him what happened in the scene.

My friend blinked at me: “When I was about to turn off the fire, a very favorite song came from the radio, so I decided to enjoy it and get off, let you wait, not angry?

“how could be?

I looked at my good friend in front of me and smiled from the bottom of my heart. I finally understood why this friend is working hard, but I am always calm. It turns out that he is a standard “present master” – always knows the fact that he lives with every present.
  I once heard a story. A monk found a strawberry in the bush on the way to escape the tiger, so he stopped to pick up the strawberry to taste. At this time, there is still a leisurely eating strawberry, which sounds incredible?

However, if you think about it carefully, in your daily life, the feeling of “Tiger Shadow” is actually fabricated by your own imagination.

For example, regretting the wrong words and deeds that have passed, or not forgetting the harm of others to yourself, and sometimes worrying about whether the situation will be overwhelming in the future, is the plan unable to keep up with the changes?

I missed the past and worried about the future, and often disturbed my current life, so I felt pressure.

  So, start your own senses now, try it, close your eyes, use only one sense, such as music, smell, touch each other.

Massage can also stop diarrhea

Massage can also stop diarrhea

Abdominal: Put the child on the bed, you can wear a thin layer of cotton or direct contact with the abdomen.

Taking the navel as the center, the palm of your hand is counter-clockwise and full of abdomen, and the technique should be even and soft, steady and steady. According to the length of the child’s disease, it can be 5-10 minutes.

This method can achieve the functions of spleen and stomach, qi and digestion, and diarrhea.

If the child is accompanied by bloating and vomiting, you need to rub the clockwise for 3-5 minutes, then then counterclockwise.

  揉 umbilical cord: Use the middle finger or the palm of your hand to gently rub the umbilical cord 100-300 times, or the umbilical cord for 5 minutes.

When you lick the umbilicus, the intensity should be moderate, and the technique should be light and soft, in case the child feels pain and crying affects the treatment.

This method can achieve the effects of warming and dispelling cold, replenishing qi and blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and eliminating stagnation.

  揉 Gumi: Gumi is located at the bottom of the caudal vertebra. When doing this step, use the middle finger or thumb to press the sputum at the end of the turtle for about 100-300 times. The intensity should be moderate.

This method has the effect of regulating intestinal fistula and stopping diarrhea.

  Push the seven-section bone: the upper seven bones are located on the fourth lumbar vertebra and the turtle tail.

Push the fingertips from the bottom to the top 100-200 times, the strength should not be too large, so as not to damage the skin of children.

This method can play the role of warming and diarrhea.

It is worth reminding that because the skin of children is more delicate, when doing the abdomen, licking the turtle tail and pushing the seven-section bone step, it is necessary to use some media such as petrolatum, talcum powder or baby oil to prevent short-term direct contact with the skin.Causes skin damage in children.

  The above method can be repeated alternately, and it is generally effective to massage 1-2 times a day.

Parents can also give some health massage to children at home, such as regular massage of three feet, spleen, spleen, etc., these can achieve the role of spleen and stomach.

Dr. Wang Lili reminded that prevention of diarrhea in children should pay attention to conditioning in daily life. Parents must pay attention to diet when feeding children, and extensive diet and complementary food should be added gradually.

Drink plenty of water during diarrhea, light diet, eat more digestible food such as rice soup, rice paste, etc., eggs, chicken, duck and fish are eaten as little as possible, and dairy products should be reduced.

Excessive day and night overtime leads to chronic fatigue

Excessive day and night overtime leads to chronic fatigue

The main symptoms of “chronic fatigue syndrome” are: fatigue, insomnia, dreams, tinnitus and forgetfulness, back pain and so on.

It is characterized by repeated episodes of symptoms, lasting more than 6 months, and can not be relieved after full rest, followed by mild fever, sore throat, decreased concentration, general weakness and other symptoms, and caused hormonal imbalance in the body, abnormal nervous system regulation, a weak chain reaction such as decreased immunity.

If the symptomatic treatment is not timely, it may cause more serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and even “overwork death.”

  Over-night stay overtime medical statistics show that white-collar workers are a “high-risk group” of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Due to overworked work and assault missions, white-collar workers often work overtime, eating irregularly, and having too much rest in nightlife can cause long-term health overdrafts and trigger chronic fatigue syndrome.

In addition, in the face of numerous competitions and challenges from work and life, white-collar workers maintain a sense of urgency for a long time in spirit, with increasing pressure and anxiety, psychological fatigue and depression lingering, thus falling into a “sub-health state.”

  Experts say that in fact, the rest of the real sense can not be equated with sleeping, because excessive sleep will reduce the body’s metabolism, resulting in decreased activity and increased fatigue.

Therefore, experts recommend that naps should start at 1 pm and go to bed at 10 to 11 pm in the evening.

The wake-up time is preferably 5 to 6 am in the morning.

  The concept of rest, including physical and psychological relaxation and adjustment, and exercise to improve physical fitness, is a positive improvement.

  When the muscles are sour and weak, when Xiaolin wakes up in the morning, he always feels sore and weak.

This has happened before, but it is good to do a little activity, but the feeling of “muscle weakness” is particularly strong recently, and it feels very tired every day.

  It is understood that muscle pain occurs mostly in women between the ages of 20 and 50.

This condition may be caused by trauma or psychological symptoms. The symptoms are stiff in the morning, mainly in the neck, shoulders, cheekbones and buttocks, and sometimes itching.

  Therefore, experts warn that in the face of frequent headaches, muscle pain, insomnia and other issues, you must go to the hospital for early detection and treatment.

In addition, to avoid fatigue syndrome, prevention, swimming, walking and other exercises can improve muscle strength and flexibility, and reduce muscle pain.

Hyperthermia and massage can also shorten the effect of short-term relaxation.

  I don’t see a good “cold”. The horse is suffering from a “hot cold” because she always feels boring, so she has been resting at home for a while, but after a week or two has passed, there is still not much improvement. “Hot cold” recurrent., can’t always heal.

  Experts say that because the symptoms of “chronic fatigue syndrome” and the cold are very close, so many people think that rest can be improved.

In fact, “chronic fatigue syndrome” is a very dangerous modern disease. It is not necessary to make self-diagnosis for self-treatment. Instead, it should be promptly treated, so that doctors can use drugs, diet and other comprehensive measures to improve immunity according to their situation.Enhance physical fitness and ultimately promote recovery.

Lixia health is important in raising the heart. Daily health care + diet is the most effective

Lixia health is important in raising the heart. Daily health care + diet is the most effective

How does Lixia maintain health?
Lixia is the first solar term in summer, and Lixia Health is focused on raising the heart. So, do you know how to raise your heart in Lixia?
Lixia raises the heart and needs to be rested.
How do you raise your heart in the summer?
The following small series teaches you several ways.
  Lixia health is focused on raising the heart, how to raise the heart in summer?
  “Lixia” marks the beginning of a long summer.
Summer is a fire in the four seasons, the fire is in the heart, and the climate is hot, sweat is leaking, it is easy to burn, and it is irritating, so it is necessary to pay attention to “nurturing the heart”.
  The “heart” mentioned by Chinese medicine, in addition to the heart, also includes psychological factors.
Therefore, in the summer, if you are healthy, you should maintain a calm and peaceful state of mind and avoid endangerment. This is extremely important for summer health. The so-called “heart is naturally cool.”
  To raise your heart, you must rest.
Go to bed early and get up early, avoid a lot of sweating, “sweat” out of the yang.
In the diet, it is advisable to adhere to the principle of “increasing acid and reducing bitterness, nourishing the kidney and helping the liver, and nourishing the stomach”. It should be light and eat more vegetables, fruits and coarse grains.
  The following small series teaches you how to raise your heart in summer: 1. Be careful.
“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “Summer March, this is a show, the heavens and the earth, the real thing, the night, get up early, do not hate the day.
“After the summer, the climate change is more obvious. You should sleep late and get up early to adapt to changes in yin and yang.
At the same time, people should develop the habit of taking a nap after the summer.
The time of nap varies from person to person, usually from half an hour to one hour. If you take too long, you will feel no spirit.
Don’t be greedy during lunch breaks, avoid sleeping at the tuyere to prevent cold and wind and disease.
  2, clear diet.
Summer yang rises, eating too much greasy, easy to get angry food, can cause hemorrhoids, mouth ulcers, constipation and other diseases.
It is recommended to drink more milk, eat more soy products, chicken, lean meat, etc., not only can supplement nutrition, but also achieve a strong heart.
Usually eat more vegetables, fruits and coarse grains, increase the supply of cellulose, vitamin C and vitamin B, to prevent arteriosclerosis.
  3. Slow exercise.
After the summer, the temperature will gradually rise, sweating is easy, sweat is the heart of the liquid. If you exercise vigorously at this time, it is easy to cause the body to lack water. Therefore, you should choose slow-paced aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, and tai chi, and exercise.After drinking warm water, add body fluids.
The intensity of the activity is not to be exhausted, and the time should not exceed 1 hour to reduce the heart load and prevent myocardial ischemia.
  4, flirting.
In the summer season, the weather is getting hotter, “Summer is easy to hurt”, and the hot weather is easy to make people “hearted.”
Therefore, you should stop anger and quit, keep your spirits clear, and feel comfortable, so that you can feel sad, hurt, and hurt.
Hot weather will inevitably make people feel annoyed, but if you can keep your smile open and faint, it will not only help improve blood vessel function, but also coordinate various organs of the human body to keep it in a normal state.
  Eat more than six kinds of red food in the heart. Summer care, red food is the most appropriate.
From the yin and yang five elements, red is the fire, into the heart, qi and blood, and tells the mystery of the ancient people to raise their hearts with red in the summer.
  1, red dates.
Modern nutrition research contains the ring of phosphate gland, which can dilate blood vessels, enhance myocardial contractility, and rapidly increase the oxygen content in the blood, so that the oxygen supplied to the heart will also increase, speeding up metabolism!
At the same time, improving myocardial nutrition is very beneficial for the maintenance of the heart.
  2, tomato.
Rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, it can enhance people’s physical strength and relieve fatigue caused by work and life stress.
In particular, lycopene has a protective effect on cardiovascular.  3, carrots.
It can combine with mercury ions in the blood, effectively reduce the concentration of mercury ions in the blood, and prevent the highly toxic mercury ions from entering the heart with the blood. It is also an effective heart food.
  4, cherry.
Currently recognized by all nutrition organizations, it has super strong “killing human toxins and unclean body fluids”!
Cherry has a high iron content, which can promote hemoglobin regeneration and improve human immunity.
  5, red beans.
Eating red beans in summer can alleviate thirst and irritability in the summer, especially at noon, when the heart is the most prosperous, it is prone to irritability, so at this stage, avoid the fire, eatChixiaodou is the most suitable.
  6, grapefruit.
The flesh is pink and tender, juicy and refreshing, and tastes bitter, but it is in line with the characteristics of the heart’s favorite food.
At the same time, grapefruit contains potassium, but does not contain sodium. It is said to be the best fruit for maintaining cardiovascular.
  Li Xia Yang Xin should eat more red food, red food also includes red pepper, watermelon, hawthorn, strawberry, sweet potato, red apple, etc., you may wish to eat more.

Always be alert to the indoor pollution in your life.

Always be alert to the indoor pollution in your life.

Lead: Have you ever felt like this: getting up in the morning, inexplicably feeling a headache, dizziness; from the outside to the home, always smelling a strange smell; how can’t help but blink, sneeze, tears, body hasRed spots. If the body often sends out similar signals, you should be vigilant. They remind the indoors that the pollution has exceeded the standard and endanger your health.

A large number of hair loss or formaldehyde experts said that formaldehyde is a high-risk carcinogen, formaldehyde will lead to decreased body function, hair loss, dizziness and other symptoms.

More serious, formaldehyde can cause miscarriage in pregnant women, distortion and deformity; cause female hair loss, endocrine disorders; children in the growth and development, formaldehyde can induce malignant diseases.

The pungent smell suggests serious indoor air pollution, which is first inhaled by the respiratory system.

Therefore, it will feel the smell of the room, the scorpion is uncomfortable, these are the signals of excessive pollution.

If you feel the feeling of tears, irritations, and cough, the formaldehyde concentration has exceeded the national standard of 1?
3 times more.

Formaldehyde is irritating, and benzene, ammonia, mold, etc. can also produce odor, which is extremely harmful to the body.

Renal function declines benzene as a complication, and the number of young and middle-aged uremia patients increases year by year. The reasons are very complicated.

According to the United States, Taiwanese nephrology experts have found that indoor pollution of benzene, xylene, etc. is the biggest cause of uremia.

There are also reports of newly-married couples in China who have phenyl and TVOC over-standard.

Current pollution control methods: air exchange method: air exchange is ventilation, indoor and outdoor air exchange changes and changes, the effect of reducing indoor pollutants is better; physical adsorption method: using activated carbon and other products to absorb harmful gases, while assisting ventilation,It can effectively improve the effect of decontamination; plant purification method: used as a green plant to decorate the living environment, it can also purify indoor air.

For example, ivy, iron tree, spider plant, aloe vera, etc.; chemical reaction method: using formaldehyde scavenger, photocatalyst and other products sprayed on the surface of the pollution source to achieve the role of formaldehyde removal.

If you are not ill, you can prevent it first.

If you are not ill, you can prevent it first.

TCM health care requires prevention and prevention. Before the body does not have disease, it is necessary to do preventive work to prevent the invasion of disease and evil. Let’s take a look at the health care methods of “no disease first prevention” and “disease disease prevention”.

First, the first disease prevention (a) the concept of the first disease prevention, the first disease prevention means that before people have no disease, take various measures to prevent the disease.

This is the most prominent manifestation of Chinese medicine prevention of disease.

“It is the reason that the disease has been cured, so it is the law of the medical family; the disease is not cured, so the reason for the birth of the students” (“Danxi Heart Law”).

Prevention of disease prevention and prevention will improve disease resistance and prevent disease and invasion.

(2) Method 1 for preventing disease first, nourish the body, improve the body’s ability to resist disease (1) Rehabilitation spirit: Spiritual emotional activity is the embodiment of visceral function activities.

Sudden and intense mental stimulation, or repeated, continuous stimulation, can make the body’s air machine distorted, qi and yin and dysfunction, and in the process of disease, emotional shift can make the disease worse.

Therefore, the spirit of nursed back to health is the first priority.

(2) Exercise: “Life is in motion.”

Through the movement, the human body can make the air machine smooth, the blood circulation, the joints loose, enhance the body and improve the disease resistance.

It can completely reduce the occurrence of diseases, promote health and longevity, and also have certain therapeutic effects on certain chronic diseases.

(3) Living and living should be regular.

(4) Drug prevention and artificial immunization: There are records in the “Su Wen and Thorn Law”: “Small Jindan . served 10 capsules, no epidemic dry”, it can be seen that drugs have been used to prevent diseases almost very early.

At present, in the 16th century, the invention of the human vaccination method to prevent smallpox was pioneered, which was the pioneer of artificial immunity, which opened the way for the development of post-infection prevention immunology.

The initial transformation of the development of traditional Chinese medicine, the trial of traditional Chinese medicine to prevent a variety of diseases has received very good results.

Such as Banlangen, Daqingye to prevent influenza, mumps, purslane to prevent bacillary sputum, etc., are effective methods to prevent and use.

2, to prevent the invasion of disease and evil: disease is the important condition that causes the disease to occur, so the first disease prevention is not only to enhance physical fitness, but also to improve the anti-evil ability of righteousness, but also to prevent the invasion of disease and evil.

Health should be paid to prevent environmental, water and food pollution. Six poisons, epidemic diseases, etc. should be avoided.

Due to trauma and insects, animal injuries, it is necessary to take precautions in daily life and labor.

Second, the disease prevention and change (a) the concept of disease prevention and change The so-called disease prevention refers to the early diagnosis and early treatment after the disease occurs to prevent the development and transmission of disease.

(B) the method of disease prevention and change, early diagnosis: “The beginning of the disease is shallow, then easy to cure; long and deep, it is difficult to cure” (“Medical Source Theory · Anti-micro”).

In the early stage of the disease, the condition is light and the righteousness is not weak, so it is easier to treat.

If it is not treated in time, the evil will be caused by the episode, the condition will be aggravated, the righteousness will be seriously depleted, and the condition will be critical.

Therefore, after the disease, it is necessary to anticipate the early diagnosis and treatment, to prevent diseases from small to large, from light to heavy, from local to the whole, to prevent micro-duration, which is an important principle of disease.

The so-called “seeing the micro-knowledge, suffering from not sprouting, is for work” (“Medical Enlightenment”).

If the head is dizzy, the thumb and secondary fingers are numb, the mouth and muscles are involuntarily beating as a sign of stroke, and care must be taken to avoid a major problem.

2, to prevent transmission: Metamorphosis, also known as transmission, refers to the transfer changes caused by organs.

“The good doctors know that the disease is prosperous and must be passed on, precautions are made, there is no convergence, no flooding, no integration, and this is not the case of medical treatment” (“Medical Sources Theory”Up and down theory”).

3, Xianan did not suffer from the evil land: not only disease prevention, but also to cut off the path of disease and evil, and “should be safe before the evil land.”