Unbelievable, the original saliva can also resist aging

Unbelievable, the original saliva can also resist aging

Saliva is a valuable liquid in the human body. According to modern scientific research, saliva contains, in addition to water, amylase, lysozyme, mucin, globulin, lactic acid iron, calcium phosphate, amino acid, potassium, calcium, which are essential for human health.Chlorine and other

These are all substances that are beneficial to the human body.

  Saliva has eight functions for human health: flushing: it can wash away the food residue to keep the mouth clean and hygienic.

  Lubrication: The saliva contains mucin, which makes the mouth soft and soft.

  Hemostasis: saliva can promote blood coagulation, saliva can help stop bleeding when it is caused by internal or external trauma or tooth extraction.

  Alternative effect: When acid, bitter and other irritating substances enter the mouth, the secretion of saliva increases, replacing it, making it easy to spit or swallow.

  Antibacterial effect: Various organic and inorganic components in saliva produce a certain antibacterial effect through different mechanisms, which can prevent inflammation of the mouth, throat and gums.

  Therapeutic effect: There is a nerve growth hormone in the saliva. This auxin can significantly shrink the wound healing time and accelerate the healing of burned skin.

  Digestion: The mouth water contains a lot of amylase, which can crush the starch into maltose, making it easy to be absorbed.

  Anti-fading effect: The saliva contains a kind of “salivary salivary hormone” that keeps people young. It can make people smart, strong in teeth and strong in muscles, so that even when people reach old age, they will be red and full of vitality.

  It can be seen that “saliva” is precious, can not be wasted and discarded, should be good at promoting the secretion of saliva, and achieve the purpose of strengthening the body and raising the life.

Noon, no diet, thin breasts, no thin waist

Noon, no diet, thin breasts, no thin waist

The noon diet is always very popular.

However, due to different personal diets and systems, the weight loss effect is also very different.

The general noon diet does not eat after 5 o’clock in the afternoon (that is, the time for dinner before five o’clock), it is more reasonable.

However, some netizens are pursuing a strict dieting method in order to pursue weight loss. They do not eat dinner. They do not eat when they have lunch. The time in the sky is nearly 10 hours, and the weight loss effect is not mentioned. This is not conducive to gastrointestinal health.

  At the same time, it is also not conducive to weight loss shaping.

Long-term death, the human body thinks that entering the era of ridiculous, will inevitably mobilize the storage of aunts and proteins to cope, and one of the main structures of the breast is unfortunate and collagen.

The skin on the skin is reduced, the skin is loose, the chest muscles are lost, and the lack of nutrition causes the gland tissue to shrink, and the overall skin tissue is reduced, but the connective tissue connecting the chest muscles and the breasts is not reduced, so some become smaller and drooping.

  Solution 1.

Adjust the diet structure to reduce the income of starch in the diet, add some high-quality protein, such as skim milk, soybeans, tofu, soy milk, etc., but also eat more vegetables and fruits.

Guarantee a table tennis-sized lean meat every day.

In addition, add a meal before 5 pm, even a light drink of some porridge, eat some fruit and milk.

  In order to prevent the chest from becoming smaller and drooping when losing weight, it should be combined with high-protein foods, supplemented with vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. to supplement enough nutrients and maintain balanced hormone levels.It makes the black people full and firm.

  Eat more of these foods: high protein: fish and shrimp, poultry, eggs, low-fat dairy products, soy products, nuts, is the basis of hormone synthesis.

  Vitamin A: broccoli and sunflower oil, etc., is beneficial for hormone secretion.

  Vitamin B: beef, milk and pig liver, etc., help to synthesize hormones.

  Vitamin C: Grapes, grapefruit, etc., to prevent retinal deformation.

  Vitamin E: celery, walnuts, etc., help dark development.

  In addition, jujube, yam, longan, Chuanxiong and other medicated diets, have the effect of promoting blood circulation, blood, and qi, but also make the top more full.


With some sports aerobic exercise is the best choice for burning cockroaches.

  Some exercises that can be exercised to the chest, especially chest movements, can increase dark muscles, make dark hair look fuller, and at the same time help to lose weight and shape.

Swimming, yoga and dumbbell exercises are especially recommended.

  For the thin buttocks, there are some sports to do: climb the stairs: climb the stairs, simple and save money, but because every office building has almost elevators, everyone is used to the elevator, how can you still want to climb the stairs!

In fact, climbing stairs has many advantages, which can consume calories. In addition, if you are walking the stairs, each step on two steps can drive your thighs and hip muscles and tighten your cheekbones.

  Push the wall: put your legs together, hold your hands in the legs, straighten your legs, extend the back for 10 seconds, then move toward the wall for 10 seconds, repeat, alternately let the sculpting pedal curve, also have the effect of abdomen, the lower abdomen will be slowSlow and flatten.

  User Tips: It is not acceptable to rely on not eating alone.

It takes a lot of cooperation.but the meat on the thighs is very difficult to reduce.

I have a classmate who is doing this. Looking at it is some effect, you may wish to try it.

Beauty and weight loss work together.


Diet: Eat more vegetables and melons and eat less, fish and shrimp can eat more, eat grain porridge in the morning, eat well at noon, eat at night or eat some porridge or thin fruit salad before 6 o’clock.


40 supine work every night (to be persistent, otherwise useless), wrap the plastic wrap on the legs and waist, the minimum half an hour of exercise every day.

Usually sit less and have more activities.


Knocking on the gallbladder can accelerate the activity of the gallbladder, and discharge the garbage accumulated on the outside of the thigh in the gallbladder, which can directly reduce the aunt on the back and the outside of the thigh.

(The gallbladder is on the outside of the thigh and there are three acupuncture points.

)?You can do it without dieting, although it can be thin, but once you return to normal diet, it will rebound immediately, so I suggest that you should diet + exercise. As for the best exercise you want to reduce the tread and thigh, it is skipping.Stick to more than half an hour every day, except during the MC period.

Two shots quickly shrink after the overeating

Two shots quickly shrink after the overeating

After the madness, the belly is a few times bigger, and the feeling of inflating Bub is really uncomfortable. In order to save the better figure in the past, or to try to do more abdomen exercise, the lines will appear again, and the following exercises will be done every day.- 2 times, the small belly will quickly disappear.

  Snake form action – please prone, relax the whole body; turn the head, put the chin on the mat; tilt toward the back of the body, the palms of the hands are opposite, the ten fingers are placed behind the body, straight forward; deep inhale, liftStarting from the head, shoulders, upper body trying to lift up, so that it extends back to the limit with force, the shoulders, the head try to expand upwards, raise the height, the eyes look above, keep the natural even breath; exhaleThe upper body slowly returns to the ground, the chin touches the mat, and extends upwards to the back of the body; again, inhale deeply, lift the head, shoulders, and the upper body tries to raise to the highest limit again, holding the breath; exhale,The body is slowly placed back on the ground, and the extra body is returned to the side of the body, and the chin rests on the mat.

  Turn your head and place any of your chest on the mat to relax.

  Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat 3 times.

  Efficacy -1.

Beautify plasma and prevent cervical spondylitis.


Increase the strength of your wrists and make your arms firmer.


Soft back, which makes it toxic and can cause various back pains and spinal injuries.


Tighten the waist and abdomen muscles, beautify the chest and leg lines.


Massage the internal organs, nourish the kidneys, detoxify, help digestion, in addition to dense, regulate endocrine.

  Latch-up action -1.

Knees close together, kneeling on the ground, the two arms naturally hang down, fingertips down, binocular head-up.


The right leg is straight to the right, the sole of the foot is on the ground, the instep is straight, and the arms are raised, the arms are parallel to the ground, and the palms are down.


Exhale, bend the upper torso and right arm to the right, the right palm on the right instep, palm down, left hand perpendicular to the ground, eyes to the left finger tip.


Continue to exhale, the left arm is down to the right, the left palm overlaps the right hand, the left upper arm is attached to the ear, and the head is between the arms.

Hold this position, breathe 3-6 times, inhale, reset.

Do the same exercise on the other side, repeat the exercises 3-6 times left and right.

  Efficacy -1.

Eliminate fatigue and back pain caused by nervous tension.


Active spinal nerves, eliminating hip stiffness.


Strong abdominal muscles and organs.


Eliminate excess meat from the waist.

Five steps of qi and blood deficiency

Five steps of qi and blood deficiency

Qi and blood are the most basic substances for maintaining human life activities. The filling of blood and blood is good for the body. The so-called “qi is the handsome of blood, the blood is the mother of Qi”, the blood and blood interact and depend on each other. If there is a waste, it will beHave a certain impact on health!

  Qi deficiency: those who have qi deficiency, most of them due to lack of biochemistry or excessive dissipation in the body, mainly for mental fatigue, sleepiness, vertigo, poor resistance, etc.

  Blood deficiency: The occurrence of blood deficiency is mostly caused by excessive blood loss and long-term illness.

Mainly manifested as pale, dizzy, heart-shaped, thin and so on!

  Both qi and blood deficiency: the two qi and blood deficiency, more manifested as palpitations and dreams, pale complexion, limb numbness, dry skin and other performance!

  Chinese medicine believes that yin and yang are harmonious, qi and blood are healthy, and the meridians are smooth, so there is no disease.

Therefore, raising blood and blood is vital to human health.

  It can be conditioned by five steps: one is to adjust the spleen and stomach, the spleen and stomach is the source of qi and blood biochemistry, and the “Lingshu·Guesa” believes that blood is produced through the spleen and stomach, so if you want to treat blood, you need to improve your spleen and stomach!

Diet and nutrition can eat more pumpkin, yam, lotus seeds, lentils, glutinous rice and other ingredients for the spleen and stomach.

In addition, you can also decoction “Ginseng tea”: take 5 grams of Codonopsis, 5 grams of Astragalus, 3 grams of Atractylodes, 3 grams of yam, 3 grams of cohosh, take 400 grams of boiling liquid, 5 grams of brewed tea, rushDrink to a mild taste, have spleen and qi, Yangyang diarrhea effect.

  The two nourishing liver and blood Chinese medicine believes that “liver stagnation is spleen deficiency”, liver blood, main venting, and help the spleen and stomach transport, so liver and blood is also a very important step in regulating blood.

  The anger of anger can hurt the liver and hurt the spleen, resulting in reduced blood, so we should pay attention to remember to be angry, stay up all night, pay more attention to sleep, and “long-term injury to the blood”, people who often use the eye also need to pay attention to the maintenance of the eye to prevent burnsBlood and blood.

  Three food medicated diet tonifying blood is a common way, effective is also faster, qi can eat “four gentlemen soup”, take ginseng 10 grams, 9 grams of Atractylodes, 茯苓 9 grams, said licorice 6 grams, and muttonStew can be eaten.

Blood can be used in “Siwutang”, take white peony, angelica, rehmannia root, Chuanxiong 9 grams each, into 250 ml of water, fry until 150 ml, fasting hot clothes.

(This section leads science, patients need to take medication under the guidance of a physician.

Exceptions Among Chinese medicines, there are some good products that can nourish and nourish blood. For example, Angelica, Chuanxiong, Rehmannia, Radix, Astragalus, etc. can well regulate the body’s qi and blood effects!

  Four distant cold evil Chinese medicine believes that “blood is warm, but cold is condensed”, cold evil leads to blood stasis, resulting in poor meridian, qi and blood biochemistry blocked, this will bring greater harm to our body.

  We should pay attention to stay away from cold evil, keep warm in winter, don’t be cold in summer, often soak your feet in warm water, often do a massage, which is good for your body!

  More than five sports are very important for good health. We all know that people who exercise regularly are ruddy and shiny, and they look like they are full of vitality. This is because exercise helps the spleen and stomach convert nutrients into blood for the body to use.Meridian, let the blood fill!

  When choosing sports, we should choose some slow movements, remember the falling movements, such as jogging, swimming, playing, yoga, Tai Chi and so on.

This is more beneficial to your health!

  The gas is full of blood, the blood is strong, and the meridians are smooth.

Therefore, qi and blood are also an indispensable part of the health process, which is vital to your health!

Jumping for ten minutes is equivalent to jogging for half an hour

Jumping for ten minutes is equivalent to jogging for half an hour

Strength, time to master the length of skipping varies from person to person.

If it is a continuous fast-paced skipping, it is best not to exceed 10 minutes, otherwise the heart will be overwhelmed.

If you take a break and take a break, it is better to take 30 minutes each time.

The amount of specific exercise depends on the individual’s physical strength and the amount of need.

Don’t force yourself to meet the standards.

  Skipping is an outdoor activity against the amount of exercise. Before you practice, be sure to prepare for all parts of the body, especially the foot, wrist and shoulder joints. The elbow joint must be active.

  Slowly at the beginning, you can gradually increase the speed of skipping by increasing the time.

The slow speed is maintained at an average of 60-70 beats per minute; the faster speed is maintained at an average of 140-160 beats per minute.

  In the winter, it is inevitable to sweat when jumping ropes outdoors. When you stop, you should wear your coat in time.

Skipping is always a game for children, or a good way to exercise.

Fitness enthusiasts can participate in the group according to their own schedule and exercise time, in which they can experience the fun of multi-person skipping.

  In terms of exercise volume, continuous skipping for 10 minutes is almost the same as jogging for 30 minutes or jumping for 20 minutes. It is a kind of power training that takes less time and consumes a lot of energy.

Skipping can promote blood circulation, protect the heart, improve lung capacity, and even improve the development of complications, strengthen the body, develop intelligence, and benefit human health.

  Get up in the morning and sleep in the eye. If you jump the rope first, you will be clear-headed and energetic. Jumping at night will make you sleep well.

Skipping rope also has the effect of losing weight. According to research, too many people skipping rope before meals can reduce appetite.

  Long-term insistence on skipping can train people’s bounce, speed, balance, endurance and explosiveness, and can also cultivate precise, reasonable and coordinated.

For example, retired old people and unit colleagues can often carry out multi-person skipping. They can encourage each other and increase the interest. In the emotional exchange, they also exercise the tenacious will and the spirit of struggling.

  Especially for young people at work, there will be further understanding of the team’s spirit of collaboration and mutual assistance.

Pure Chinese medicine to lose weight soup spectrum magic to go

Pure Chinese medicine to lose weight soup spectrum magic to go

This pure Chinese medicine formula is a safe weight loss method recommended by many Amy ladies.

If you are still making extra temporary troubles for yourself, you may wish to try it out and say goodbye to your own belly and fat without having to fast.

  All the materials needed for the magical slimming soup are: Cassia, Hawthorn, Psyllium, Tangerine, Polygonum, Licorice and Clam Shell.

They can be bought in ordinary Chinese medicine shops: Cassia: there are asthma, choleretic, liver protection, antihypertensive effect, and have certain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Can clear the liver and kidney, eyesight, and water and laxative.

Using Cassia tea to drink tea, it can promote the body to move, remove the body’s stool, reduce blood lipids, blood pressure.

  Hawthorn: It has the functions of promoting the secretion of gastric juice and increasing the enzymes in the stomach. The hawthorn also has the effects of eliminating accumulation, arresting and stopping diarrhea, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.

Hawthorn contains mountain asphalt and brass and other pharmaceutical ingredients, which have significant vasodilation and antihypertensive effects, and have functions of enhancing myocardial, anti-arrhythmia, and regulating blood lipid and plasma levels.

  Psyllium: can reduce water swelling, raise liver and eyesight, and relieve cough.

Especially for chronic bronchitis and hypertension, urethritis, cystitis has a good therapeutic effect.

  Chenpi: Tangerine contains volatile oil, orange peel content, vitamin B, C and other ingredients. The volatile oil contained in it contains mild stimulating effect on the injection channel, which can promote the secretion of digestive juice, eliminate gas accumulation in the intestine and increase appetite.

The dried tangerine peel has the effects of ventilating the spleen, dampness and phlegm, relieving the greasy fragrance, and reducing the vomiting.

  Polygonum multiflorum: Polygonum multiflorum is used, and it has a strong laxative effect. Its active ingredient, chrysophanol, can cause peristalsis.

Particularly suitable for high blood lipid levels, will help defecation after taking.

  Licorice: Licorice is good for gas and medium, clearing away heat and detoxifying, and relieving cough.

With licorice combined with other drugs, it can treat symptoms such as abdominal distension, bowel diarrhea, asthma and cough, and headache and pain in the abdomen.

  Shell: It has the function of widening the qi and stagnation.

For chest qi stagnation, fullness of pain, food production does not have a significant regulatory effect.

Therefore, the first five materials are the main diarrhea, and the latter two are reconciled, and the mutual coordination and coordination can easily reduce the excess aunt and eliminate the side effects on the body.

  The method of taking weight loss soup: 1, a formula of one dose: cassia seed 50g, hawthorn 10g, psyllium 15g, dried tangerine peel 10g, Polygonum multiflorum 7.

5g, licorice 5g, clam shell 5g; all materials are soaked in cold water for 60 minutes; 2, after soaking, add 6 small bowls of water, boil on high heat; turn to simmer, then fry for 30 minutes, because the herbs will swell after cooking, and finallyCan you filter out 1?
2 bowls of soup come out; 3, filter out the soup residue, put it in the temperature, you can take it.

One dose per day, 10 doses a course of treatment.