New marriages are more virtual than illnesses.

New marriages are more “virtual” than illnesses.

新婚多虚不是病  首先婚前应注意调补阴阳,补肾益精,养精蓄锐,婚后又能注意节欲,懂得少许房事禁忌,如饮酒饱食、劳损过度、愤怒恐嗔、自汗盗汗If the moon is not clean, the wound is not healed, and the urinary urination is not suitable, then the emptiness of the marriage can be avoided.
  Secondly, it should be supplemented by food supplement.
Chinese medicine believes that when kidney deficiency, it should be clear whether it is kidney yang deficiency or kidney yin deficiency.
For those who have kidney yin, such as sputum, sea cucumber, bird’s nest, abalone, etc.; those who tonify kidney yang, such as venison, dog meat, beef, and mutton.
However, most of these foods are mountain and sea flavors, which are expensive and difficult to obtain.
Some plant foods are also effective, such as leeks and walnuts, and yin and sesame.
But people prefer to use animal and plant mixed treatments, such as yellow wine and white sugar, rushing eggs (two spoons of rice wine, one spoonful of sugar, two or three eggs, stir well and pour in water), and take it after cooking.
Once a day, there is the power of Bu Yang Yi Yin.
  Walnut meat is the best product for replenishing kidney qi, strengthening the waist and benefiting the essence. After steaming the walnut meat (continuous clothing), it is dried and ground, mixed with white sugar, and taken orally. It is suitable for newly-married young men and women, male can be fine, female can stopItching is the best food for the newlyweds when they have kidney deficiency.
  Although the food supplement after marriage is mainly for kidney, for other organs, if there is a “virtual” image, it should be adjusted.
If the person with spleen and stomach is weak, he should warm the spleen and kidney, and eat some spleen foods, such as yam, lotus seeds, peas, and glutinous rice kernels.
  There are lung yin deficiency, dry cough after marriage, lung and kidney deficiency, you can use white fungus stew and add sugar candy to dress, or use lily, lotus meat to cook together; after marriage, not only, waist and knees, can be used, yam,The glutinous rice kernels and white sugar are boiled and taken at any time.
  After eating, you will eat healthy. After choosing the appropriate food after marriage, you can enhance your sexual desire and promote your honeymoon.
Shrimp is a high-protein food, and it is a complete individual. Its hormone level is balanced, which is beneficial to supplement the needs of the human body. Therefore, eating more shrimp can help improve sexual desire, maintain good sexual function, and promote men’s semen.regeneration.
Roosters are common foods, but only cocks can better promote and stimulate men’s sexual function. Therefore, during the wedding, don’t use old hens to cook soup, you should eat more mature cocks.
Oysters are rich in zinc, and zinc is an indispensable nutrient for the human body. Especially for newlyweds, zinc deficiency can cause men’s sperm count to decrease and sexual function to decline. Women’s sexual desire is apathy, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and so on.
Amaranth is a natural “Viagra”, the ancient name is “Zhangyangcao”, the man eats the leek, can help the sex of the sun, strong tendons; the woman eats the leek, can be pleasant and happy, spring heart.
Kelp is rich in iodine.
Iodine is a necessary raw material for the synthesis of thyroxine. In addition to maintaining the normal function of the thyroid gland, it can also improve the “sexual” and enhance sexual desire. Therefore, it is advisable to eat more during the wedding.
Egg yolk contains a lot of cholesterol, which is a raw material for synthetic sex hormones.
Egg yolk also contains a lot of calcium, which can stimulate sperm maturation and improve male sexual function.
Therefore, eat more egg yolk during the wedding.

How to deal with bad breath, drink five porridge for your fresh breath

How to deal with bad breath, drink five porridge for your fresh breath

1, salted fish head tofu soup ingredients: salted fish head 1, a few pieces of tofu, ginger 1 piece practice: wash all the materials, salted fish head pieces slightly fried and put into the pot with ginger, add the right amount of water with a fierce fireRoll for about half an hour, add tofu and roll for another 20 minutes.
Efficacy: salty fish head tastes sweet and has a heat-clearing effect, while tofu is cool and has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. It is very effective for oral ulceration, gum swelling, bad breath and constipation.
2, Maimendong porridge raw materials: Maimen winter 25 grams, glutinous rice, rock sugar, the appropriate amount of practice: the Maimendong fried into juice, waste slag to take the drug juice for use.
Put the glutinous rice into the aluminum pan, add some water, then put the appropriate amount of Maimen winter juice and rock sugar into the pot, boil with high heat, and cook with a small fire.
>>>Anti-Blotch There are 8 planned effects: it can effectively refresh the mouth.
3, licorice apple drink raw materials: 30 pieces of licorice, 1 apple, 20 parsley, honey amount of practice: cut the apple, and licorice, parsley together pot (casserole), put two bowls of half-boiled into a bowl or so.
Discard the slag and take the juice. After a little cold, add a proper amount of honey to drink.
Once a day, even for 5 days.
Efficacy: Can effectively remove bad breath.
4, lychee porridge raw materials: 5 lychee, 50 grams of glutinous rice practice: put lychee and glutinous rice together into the pot and boiled into a porridge, 3-5 days for a course of treatment.
>>> How to do bad breath 9 strokes good effect: with Wenyang Yiqi, Shengjin nourishing effect.
It can effectively remove bad breath.
5, cucumber porridge raw materials: 50 grams of cucumber, 100 grams of rice.
Practice: peeled and sliced cucumber, porridge with rice, and take it at will.
Efficacy: specializes in the dryness of the tongue caused by liver fire or internal wetness.

Exercise and nutrition

Exercise and nutrition

In sports activities, the body will undergo a series of physiological changes, such as increased excitability of the central nervous system, increased endocrine function, strong metabolism, increased energy consumption, and accelerated metabolism of various nutrients.

Moreover, due to a large amount of sweating, a large amount of water, inorganic salts and vitamins are required to be increased.

The energy consumed in sports activities and the increase in nutrient requirements should be supplemented by reasonable supplements after exercise.

If the fitness participants lack reasonable nutritional support and scientific nutritional supplements, in addition to the adverse health of the body, it will affect the exerciser’s functional level and athletic ability.

Therefore, reasonable nutrition and scientific physical exercise are two important conditions for maintaining and promoting human health.

  General crowd exercise recommendations: type of exercise: aerobics and endurance sports, such as walking, cycling, jogging, doing exercises, swimming, dancing, climbing, table tennis, badminton, water aerobics, skiing, skating, etc.;Resistance exercise or muscle strength training, 2?
3 days / week.

  Exercise intensity: medium strength, instantaneous consumption 4?
7 kcal / sec.

  Conscious fatigue: a little tired, slightly tired.

  Exercise Prescription: For healthy adults, 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per day is the minimum requirement for disease prevention. It is best to have 3 types of exercise, which can be done in 2 to 3 times. Young people should do at least every day.Moderate-intensity exercise for 60 minutes, while attending at least once a week to enhance muscle strength, promote bone growth, sacral swimming, variable speed running, etc.; the elderly should focus on physical posture, soft and balanced ability, insist on walking every day, doRadio exercises, one-legged tips, etc. are good choices.

  Exercise frequency: 5 per week?
7 days, preferably 1 time a day.

The key is to develop a good exercise habit that has a certain physical activity every day, that is, regular exercise.

This is because the reason is that people who lack physical activity in normal times can only have corresponding health effects after a certain amount of regular exercise in a certain amount of time; but because people with moderate exercise have a regular exercise, the corresponding health promotion effectWill gradually disappear.

  Exercise: Endurance-type moderate-intensity aerobic exercise helps improve metabolic metabolism, reduce diabetes complications, and prevent and control obesity.

High-intensity exercise has a good effect on improving the heart and lung function (Note: Moderate intensity: fast walking, feeling heart rate, not feeling tired for more than 10 minutes of sustainable activity; high intensity: jogging, breathing faster, heart rate continues to accelerate).

  Nutrition recommendation for the general population: The daily intake of fitness athletes should ensure that the energy distribution ratios of glucose, trace and protein are appropriate, accounting for 55% of the total energy respectively.
60%, 25%?
30% and 12%?
15%, and absorb rich vitamins, especially B vitamins, and the right amount of trace elements.

A balanced diet requires 250 foods per person per day?
400 grams; vegetables 300?
500 grams, fruit 200?
400 grams; animal food such as fish, poultry, eggs, etc. 125?
225 grams; 300 grams of milk, beans equivalent to dry beans 30?
50 grams of soybeans and products; cooking oil does not exceed 25?
30 grams, the salt does not exceed 6 grams.

Always be alert to the indoor pollution in your life.

Always be alert to the indoor pollution in your life.

Lead: Have you ever felt like this: getting up in the morning, inexplicably feeling a headache, dizziness; from the outside to the home, always smelling a strange smell; how can’t help but blink, sneeze, tears, body hasRed spots. If the body often sends out similar signals, you should be vigilant. They remind the indoors that the pollution has exceeded the standard and endanger your health.

A large number of hair loss or formaldehyde experts said that formaldehyde is a high-risk carcinogen, formaldehyde will lead to decreased body function, hair loss, dizziness and other symptoms.

More serious, formaldehyde can cause miscarriage in pregnant women, distortion and deformity; cause female hair loss, endocrine disorders; children in the growth and development, formaldehyde can induce malignant diseases.

The pungent smell suggests serious indoor air pollution, which is first inhaled by the respiratory system.

Therefore, it will feel the smell of the room, the scorpion is uncomfortable, these are the signals of excessive pollution.

If you feel the feeling of tears, irritations, and cough, the formaldehyde concentration has exceeded the national standard of 1?
3 times more.

Formaldehyde is irritating, and benzene, ammonia, mold, etc. can also produce odor, which is extremely harmful to the body.

Renal function declines benzene as a complication, and the number of young and middle-aged uremia patients increases year by year. The reasons are very complicated.

According to the United States, Taiwanese nephrology experts have found that indoor pollution of benzene, xylene, etc. is the biggest cause of uremia.

There are also reports of newly-married couples in China who have phenyl and TVOC over-standard.

Current pollution control methods: air exchange method: air exchange is ventilation, indoor and outdoor air exchange changes and changes, the effect of reducing indoor pollutants is better; physical adsorption method: using activated carbon and other products to absorb harmful gases, while assisting ventilation,It can effectively improve the effect of decontamination; plant purification method: used as a green plant to decorate the living environment, it can also purify indoor air.

For example, ivy, iron tree, spider plant, aloe vera, etc.; chemical reaction method: using formaldehyde scavenger, photocatalyst and other products sprayed on the surface of the pollution source to achieve the role of formaldehyde removal.

Five steps of qi and blood deficiency

Five steps of qi and blood deficiency

Qi and blood are the most basic substances for maintaining human life activities. The filling of blood and blood is good for the body. The so-called “qi is the handsome of blood, the blood is the mother of Qi”, the blood and blood interact and depend on each other. If there is a waste, it will beHave a certain impact on health!

  Qi deficiency: those who have qi deficiency, most of them due to lack of biochemistry or excessive dissipation in the body, mainly for mental fatigue, sleepiness, vertigo, poor resistance, etc.

  Blood deficiency: The occurrence of blood deficiency is mostly caused by excessive blood loss and long-term illness.

Mainly manifested as pale, dizzy, heart-shaped, thin and so on!

  Both qi and blood deficiency: the two qi and blood deficiency, more manifested as palpitations and dreams, pale complexion, limb numbness, dry skin and other performance!

  Chinese medicine believes that yin and yang are harmonious, qi and blood are healthy, and the meridians are smooth, so there is no disease.

Therefore, raising blood and blood is vital to human health.

  It can be conditioned by five steps: one is to adjust the spleen and stomach, the spleen and stomach is the source of qi and blood biochemistry, and the “Lingshu·Guesa” believes that blood is produced through the spleen and stomach, so if you want to treat blood, you need to improve your spleen and stomach!

Diet and nutrition can eat more pumpkin, yam, lotus seeds, lentils, glutinous rice and other ingredients for the spleen and stomach.

In addition, you can also decoction “Ginseng tea”: take 5 grams of Codonopsis, 5 grams of Astragalus, 3 grams of Atractylodes, 3 grams of yam, 3 grams of cohosh, take 400 grams of boiling liquid, 5 grams of brewed tea, rushDrink to a mild taste, have spleen and qi, Yangyang diarrhea effect.

  The two nourishing liver and blood Chinese medicine believes that “liver stagnation is spleen deficiency”, liver blood, main venting, and help the spleen and stomach transport, so liver and blood is also a very important step in regulating blood.

  The anger of anger can hurt the liver and hurt the spleen, resulting in reduced blood, so we should pay attention to remember to be angry, stay up all night, pay more attention to sleep, and “long-term injury to the blood”, people who often use the eye also need to pay attention to the maintenance of the eye to prevent burnsBlood and blood.

  Three food medicated diet tonifying blood is a common way, effective is also faster, qi can eat “four gentlemen soup”, take ginseng 10 grams, 9 grams of Atractylodes, 茯苓 9 grams, said licorice 6 grams, and muttonStew can be eaten.

Blood can be used in “Siwutang”, take white peony, angelica, rehmannia root, Chuanxiong 9 grams each, into 250 ml of water, fry until 150 ml, fasting hot clothes.

(This section leads science, patients need to take medication under the guidance of a physician.

Exceptions Among Chinese medicines, there are some good products that can nourish and nourish blood. For example, Angelica, Chuanxiong, Rehmannia, Radix, Astragalus, etc. can well regulate the body’s qi and blood effects!

  Four distant cold evil Chinese medicine believes that “blood is warm, but cold is condensed”, cold evil leads to blood stasis, resulting in poor meridian, qi and blood biochemistry blocked, this will bring greater harm to our body.

  We should pay attention to stay away from cold evil, keep warm in winter, don’t be cold in summer, often soak your feet in warm water, often do a massage, which is good for your body!

  More than five sports are very important for good health. We all know that people who exercise regularly are ruddy and shiny, and they look like they are full of vitality. This is because exercise helps the spleen and stomach convert nutrients into blood for the body to use.Meridian, let the blood fill!

  When choosing sports, we should choose some slow movements, remember the falling movements, such as jogging, swimming, playing, yoga, Tai Chi and so on.

This is more beneficial to your health!

  The gas is full of blood, the blood is strong, and the meridians are smooth.

Therefore, qi and blood are also an indispensable part of the health process, which is vital to your health!