How to grasp the good opportunity of health in spring equinox?

How to grasp the good opportunity of health in spring equinox?

Ancient saying cloud: “The spring equinox, the yin and yang are also half, so the night and night are all cold and flat.”

Chinese medicine believes that it is an important time to adjust the balance of yin and yang in the body during the vernal equinox and coordinate the function of the body. Therefore, we must pay attention to catering and grasp the good opportunity of health.

However, when the body’s metabolism is not coordinated, there will be imbalances in certain elements in the body, leading to premature aging and disease.

Especially in the spring equinox, when the blood and hormonal activity of the human body is at its peak, the changing climate in spring causes imbalance in the body and causes disease.

Therefore, experts suggest that scientific and reasonable supplements will help to balance the body’s yin and yang in the vernal equinox.

  Bubble point chrysanthemum tea is to pay attention to liver.

Traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that spring should be in the liver, summer should be in the heart, Changxia should be in the spleen, autumn should be in the lungs, and winter should be in the kidneys.

Spring is a high season for liver disease. It is necessary to pay attention to raising the liver and coordinating the balance of yin and yang of the liver.

Sweet food can replenish liver and kidney, such as medlar, walnut, peanut, jujube, longan and so on.

The wine will hurt the liver, and it is not suitable for drinking in the spring.

Bubble chrysanthemum tea, peppermint water can play a role in clearing the heat of the liver, or can absorb rich beverages, such as Baoli Lishui, is also a good drink in spring.

  The second is the complementary yin and yang of food.

The food is divided into five categories: cold, hot, warm, cool, and flat.

For example, when cooking fish, shrimp, crab and other cold foods, it is necessary to add onion, ginger, wine, vinegar and mild seasoning to prevent tilting cold and cold; and as in eating leek, garlic, papaya, etc.With egg and other nourishing ingredients to achieve the purpose of complementing yin and yang.

  Eat more seasonal vegetables in the spring is to eat more seasonal dishes.

Every season has seasonal dishes that grow in accordance with its climatic conditions. It has the essence of heaven and earth and high nutritional value.

Eating leeks with Yangyang effect can enhance the spleen and stomach of the human body; bean sprouts, bean sprouts, lettuce and other ingredients can help activate the body’s growth function; while eating mulberry, cherry, strawberry and other nutritious late spring fruits, it can moisturize the lungs.Shengjin, nourishing and nourishing the liver.

  Of course, in addition to paying attention to expectations, the key to health is to improve your own immunity.

In the mind, we must maintain a relaxed, optimistic and uplifting mental state.

In the daily life, you should adhere to proper exercise and maintain normal sleep time.

Pay attention to the supplement of water and electrolytes to promote the circulation of the blood system to help maintain the balance of the body and achieve the best results of health.

(“Information Times”)

Slimming mother Chen Hong

Slimming mother Chen Hong

As the first spokesperson of the Ambition slimming expert, Ms. Chen, who is already her two sons, talked about her way of maintaining her body. There is only one word secret.

  Chen Hong is very “good” to eat, her body is a type that grows not fat, so it is very good, and the higher the conversion, the more like, snacks, chocolate, Shanghai cuisine, Italian cuisine is her favorite.

But as a big beauty who is famous in the film and television circle, it is still very careful.

So in order to avoid getting fat, Chen Hong still has a modest control diet.

Moreover, she uses the treadmill for 30 minutes every day, which not only helps to maintain a slim body, but also concentrates herself and feels more energetic.

Chen Hong suggested that new women should get up in the morning and only eat fruit, which is very helpful for clearing the skin.

  It seems that Chen Hong is indeed a lot cheaper than her star mom in how to keep her body.

However, in terms of skin care, it is sloppy.

  Chen Hong is a mixed skin, and the T-shaped part is easy to produce oil. Therefore, she chooses cosmetics to replace the skin without irritating, preferably a moisturizing skin care product containing natural natural ingredients.

At the same time, more sleep is also a major focus of her skin care, because artists sometimes take pictures to stay up all night, often staying up late will affect the skin, so when not filming, she will insist on the habit of going to bed early, fixed exercise.

Jumping skipping, jumping away constipation hydrophobic

Jumping skipping, jumping away constipation hydrophobic

Constipation is a problem often encountered by modern people. It not only affects appetite and digestion, but also leads to nervousness and temper.

For women, it may cause menstrual disorders, dull skin, back pain and so on.

  Women have higher constipation than men.

First, because women eat less, fine, and fine, they creep more slowly.

In fact, women’s exercise is reduced, and regular exercise can make the initial squirm better.

  Exercise is good for constipation.

The best way is to shake the internal organs by skipping the rope.

Bounce can stimulate bones, muscles, promote blood circulation, and also strengthen the immune function of the lymphatic system, which is very important for relieving constipation.

When patients with constipation walk, they can maximize the rotation of the waist and ankle.

Walking like a model, this can penetrate the effect of abdominal massage, strengthen the internal organs, especially the peristalsis of digestion, promote the absorption of nutrients and replacement of replacement, the metabolic function is abnormal, and the constipation caused by indigestion is obvious.
In addition, like jogging, swimming, striding these sports, and practicing can also prevent and slow down the symptoms of constipation.

At the same time, patients with constipation should pay attention to adjusting their diet and try to eat more “slag food”.

Those foods can be fattened?

Those foods can be fattened?

A survey published last year by the World Health Organization pointed out that the Japanese are the longest-lived group in Asia.

The initial honor is of course due to the Japanese people’s habit of advocating low-lying diets, eating more salmon and drinking more green tea.

Salmon’s glutinous Omega 3 fatty acids are a useful category.

The tea polyphenols in green tea are phytochemicals.

Both are equally beneficial to the body and help prevent cancer and heart disease.

  Oatmeal is rich in soluble fiber, which can effectively reduce blood plasma and reduce the chance of hardening of blood vessels.

It is a dark green vegetable with spinach and broccoli, which provides folic acid and helps the red blood cells grow normally.

It also contains antioxidants that have a protective effect and reduce the chance of illness.

In addition, tomatoes contain carotene (including carotenoids and lycopene), which also exerts anti-cancer effects and maintains good health.

  Speaking of the advantages of hard-shelled nuts, of course, is the unsaturated fatty acids, which are similar to Omega 3 fatty acids, helping to lower total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

In addition, drinking a small amount of red wine can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Finally, the garlic contains lysinated sulfur sulfide (Allylic Sulfides), which is very helpful for maintaining good health.

  The above foods have their own characteristics and were selected as the top ten most nutritious foods. Of course, they are deserved.

However, after synthesizing the above arguments, it can sum up the four basic principles of food for health.

  Antioxidant Theory Scientists believe that there are two great forces in the human body that work together: a destructive oxidant that produces a large amount of oxides from the environment that oxidizes the plasma membrane of cells and cell membranes.damage.

  Antioxidants include the vitamin C, E and trace element selenium we are familiar with.

From food, especially botanical fruits, vegetables and cereals, there are a variety of antioxidants to meet the needs of the human body.

  The utility of phytochemicals In addition, scientists have begun to study some elements called phytochemicals (phytochemistry) many years ago.

These phytochemicals are found in natural foods to prevent cancer and heart disease.

A large number of well-known phytochemicals include beta carotene, flavonoids/flavonoids, dispersion matrices, isoflavones, lycopene, tea polyphenols, and allicin.

Different plants contain different components of phytochemicals that produce different effects in the human body.

Broccoli contains an energy-enhancing enzyme system that synthesizes cholesterol, which helps to inhibit DNA damage in the nucleus and shrink tumor cells.

Garlic, artichoke, can enhance immunity, so that enzymes increase secretion, thereby eliminating carcinogens.

  Principles for Reducing Harmful Substances Lipids are extremely important for the human body. They can inhibit certain diseases, such as the prevention and control of coronary heart disease. This effect is mainly through the subtle effects of various harmful molecules.

The familiar Omega 3 fatty acid can reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (commonly known as bad cholesterol) and reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease in patients with lower plasma cholesterol and triglyceride.

And fish fat also helps improve high blood pressure.

Another beneficial mascot is Omega 6 fatty acid, which is found in corn oil, soybean oil, and sun flower seeds. It effectively removes bad cholesterol from the circulatory system by increasing the activity of bad cholesterol receptors.

However, studies have pointed out that too much Omega 6 fatty acid, that is, more than 10% of the total conversion, can also reduce high-density lipoprotein.

  With the advent of dietary fiber-converted refined foods, humans get less and less fiber from food.

Impurity fibers are classified into soluble and non-soluble, the former helps to reduce the rise of moisture in the blood, and the other is the tearing of the large intestine to remove waste.

  Thus, nutritious foods have the advantages of antioxidants, phytochemicals, omega fatty acids, or fibers.

As long as you follow this route, you can naturally find alternative nutritious foods other than the ten most nutritious foods:

Red rice Chinese have been handed down from generation to generation, with rice as the staple food.

In general, red rice is more nutritious than white rice because it retains the fiber on the rice shell.


Orange Among the many fruit categories, the acid-containing fruit contains more than multivitamin C. Today’s nutrition has consistently promoted vitamin C as one of the antioxidants: a.

Fight free radicals to destroy cells and reduce aging; b.

Avoid the conversion of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite of the preservative to carcinogenic nitrosamines.It has a great protective effect on cancer patients, especially gastric cancer and esophageal cancer; c.

Inhibits the oxidation of bad cholesterol and protects cholesterol, maintaining blood vessels and heart health.


The carrot contains a rich planting substance, beta-carotene, which can scavenge free radicals, prevent oxidation and abnormalities in the surface of cells, and exert anti-cancer effects.


Soybeans are cheap and good, and they contain isoflavones that produce effects similar to estrogen hormones, lowering hemodialysis, protecting the heart, preventing breast cancer, prostate cancer and osteoporosis.


Fungi toxins, fungi are rich in supplemental fiber, can improve the ability of color plague, help anti-cancer, is recommended food.

  In general, there are thousands of foods in the world, each offering different nutrients to meet different needs, and therefore have their value.

Especially in medicine, the knowledge of diet and nutrition is changing with each passing day, constantly seeking new fields.

Nutritious foods are worth recommending, others can be chosen.

Looking into the distance, there are ten kinds of nutritious foods?

Five essential bowel weight loss tricks after the holiday

Five essential bowel weight loss tricks after the holiday

When the body’s toxins are in the body, the whole body will be acne, the face will be yellow, and puffiness should be more, then how can we restore these bad symptoms?

But let’s detoxify, the following small series will give you a detailed introduction of how to detoxify, so that your toxins will disappear quickly.

  Intestines trick 1: Eat apple expert comment: Apple’s cellulose content is higher than the average fruit, and the apple also contains some pectin, which can soften the stool and help the bowel movement.

However, for those who have more serious problems, the effect of bowel defecation by apples is not too obvious.

   Intestinal Tips 2: Fungus and Yoga Experts comment: Black fungus is also a very good food for the intestines, and the food that has undergone air drying will swell after being exposed to water, which will bring more moisture.

However, for those who have difficulty in defecation, it is very difficult to pass a black fungus. Unless you add a lot of or assistive exercise, such as practicing yoga, it is very helpful.

  Intestinal tricks 3: Drinking cold milk on an empty stomach Expert comment: Drinking ice milk on an empty stomach can be laxative, first because cold stimulation will speed up exercise, second, there is a lot of lactose in milk, and more than half of Chinese people lack the need for milk absorption.Lactase.

Therefore, after drinking milk, lactose enters the colon without being digested and is quickly excreted.

However, it should be noted that long-term drinking on an empty stomach is harmful to humans.

  Intestines trick 4: fasting honey expert comment: honey contains more sugar, can absorb body water in the intestines, which is conducive to bowel movements.

Because the worms on the fasting are accelerated, it is necessary to remind everyone that they should use cold warm water to wash the honey, because too hot or too cold will destroy its nutritional structure.

  Intestines trick 5: Eat kelp to eat sea with five benefits: one to promote metabolism.

Every 100 grams of dried kelp contains nicotinic acid 1.

6 grams, more than 5 times higher than Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage, celery, 8 times higher than 藕, carrot.

In general, adults need 17 mg of nianic acid per day, and niacin helps the body’s metabolism.

  Two benefits lower blood pressure.

Kelp can effectively reduce intracranial pressure, intraocular pressure, and eliminate brain edema.

Soaking the water in the kelp (filtered) directly to the hypertensive patients (oral), blood pressure can be reduced by more than 1100 Pa in 10 minutes; 2,300 Pascal after 1 hour.

  Sanyi reduces heart palpitations.

Due to the combination of various minerals and trace elements and vitamins contained in kelp, some kelp is introduced when eating meat, resulting in a slight accumulation in the human body tending to subcutaneous and muscle tissue, reducing in the heart, blood vessels andAccumulation on the intestinal membrane, effectively prevent high blood pressure, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and mild hyperactivity.

  The four diseased tissue collapsed.

In all foods, kelp contains the highest amount of iodine, which is absorbed by the body and can cause pathological tissue to collapse and dissolve.

Iodide can have goiter and inhibit hyperthyroidism.

  Five benefits reduce cholesterol concentration.

Kelp contains sodium chloride and contains calcium.

Eating sea has the effect of increasing calcium and sodium.

  Winter melon kelp simmer soup stew ingredients: sacrum, kelp, melon, green beans, corn cob seasoning: dried tangerine peel, salted kelp rich in nutrients, rich in iodine, iron, calcium, protein fat, small amount and starch, mannitol, carrotVitamins, vitamins B1, B2, niacin, fucoidan and other minerals are essential nutrients for the body.

At the same time, its iodine content is 3%-5%, and iodine is a necessity for regulating thyroid function in the human body.

Men and women love to follow the season is right

Men and women love to follow the “season” is right

Lead: Chinese ancient Taoist, Fang Zhongshu once put forward the theory of the best season and time of sexual life, mostly based on the premise of pregnancy, male and female; with the changes of the times, nowadays, sex life is no longer purely “pregnancy”For the purpose, it contains all kinds of meanings.
Sex is the lubricant of life no matter what season.
“Sex, the more you enjoy, the more you want.
“It is true for both men and women.”
When making love, sex hormones will strengthen secretion, thus improving health and harmony.
How to guarantee the quality of sex in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and adjust the sex life. You love the health and you must know the secrets of the four seasons of sex and the cycle of female hormones.
Spring is the first stage of the female hormone hormone waking female hormone, which is the first day after the menstrual period (calculated on the average of five days of menstruation) (the sixth day of the physiological cycle), this stage is like a spring,All the plants and creatures in the world are bulging with various impulses, and the division of all cells begins to accelerate.
At this time, the female pituitary gland secretes a hormone FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), stimulating women to wake up from sleep.
Just after a “blood-blood” campaign, some may experience tragic dysmenorrhea. Although there is a spirit, it may be more to chat with my friends.
The husbands who have suppressed for several days must not be anxious about the “sleeping beauty” who just woke up, but slowly cultivate the “sex” interest of the wife and regain the wife’s desire in the gentle warming.
The second stage of the summer female estrogen and hot female hormone is the 7th to 12th day after the menstrual period (the 12th to 17th day of the physiological cycle), and the hot summer is coming.
At this stage, LH (luteal pigment hormone) secreted by the female brain causes ovulation, which keeps women’s sexual desire to a high level all the time. Women’s energy is most vigorous at this time, and it is easy to spring.
When is the husband not at this time, what time is it?
Enjoy these six days of fun happily. If you can, take a more daring sex posture, and sex toys can also increase your sexual atmosphere.
The 13th-18th day after the menstrual period of the female hormones in the autumn (the 18th to 23rd day of the physiological cycle) is the third stage of female hormones, which is like the season of bleak autumn wind.
Women always feel that their bodies are prone to fatigue, and the spirit is even more difficult to enter.
This is because the completion of ovulation, the level of estrogen in women will soon decline, and the level of progesterone began to rise, reducing women’s libido.
At this point, the husband had to withdraw from the bravery of the “summer”, sighing “every autumn and sorrow and loneliness”, but not “the weather is cool and autumn”.
Love is not only maintained by sexual desire, the husband must accompany his wife to appease his wife’s irritability.
After the autumn of the female hormones and cold and lazy in the winter, the fourth stage of the female hormones is coming, which is the 19th to 24th day after the menstrual period (the 24th day of the physiological cycle to the next official holiday).
The cold winter season of sex has a cold wind.
At this time, both estrogen and progesterone will disappear, and various negative emotions such as irritability, depression and depression will come to the women. The husband should observe his wife’s emotions so as not to hit the crater and cause unnecessary conflict.
But there is no need to be sad, because testosterone (male sex hormone) is beginning to appear in women, and it is mixed with the estrogen in a downward trend, which will cause a sudden sexual impulse before the holiday, the time isWhen the husband is intimately involved, there will often be an earth-shattering experience.

Nearly 30% of the elderly have psychological problems

Nearly 30% of the elderly have psychological problems

As we get older, people often pay special attention to their health and don’t care about their mental health.

In real life, the mental health of the elderly is crucial.

While paying attention to the health of the elderly, we should not ignore the mental health of the elderly.

  According to relevant information, most elderly people have different levels of psychological problems. It can be said that psychological problems have become a major problem affecting the quality of life of the elderly and should be highly valued by the whole society.

  Professor Hao Maishou, an expert on elderly problems in the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, said that mental health and physical health of the elderly are interrelated and interacting. Mental health affects people’s physical health all the time.

If the elderly are in a state of high tension or depression for a long time, due to changes in their internal hormone secretion, muscle tension, etc., the immune system will be difficult to be in the best working condition, its resistance will decline, and the disease will take advantage of it.

The elderly should pay attention to edifying their own sentiments, broaden their minds and pay attention to their mental health.

If you feel that your mood is persistently depressed and unpleasant, you should go to a mental clinic or psychological counseling center as soon as possible to receive psychological therapy to ensure your mental health and physical health.

  Nearly 30% of the elderly are often depressed. According to a survey data from relevant departments, 28% of the elderly have obvious depression, inferiority and many other psychological problems, which seriously affect the physical health and quality of life of the elderly.

  As for the mental health problems of the elderly, the reporter interviewed Li Weimei, a consultant from the Zhongtai Psychological Counseling Center.

She mentioned that the current common symptoms of mental health in the elderly are mainly the following: First, because after retirement, it is difficult to adapt to changes in social roles and social interactions at a time, often seeing old things, nostalgia, sentimentality, and a melancholy mentality.Depression, sadness, dizziness and other symptoms may occur over time.

Second, the relationship with the children is not harmonious or other communication with others, emotional alienation, feelings of inferiority, loneliness, impatience, and easy to move.

The third is sensitive, suspicious, hostile to people, and not easy to believe in others.

This phenomenon is very likely to occur in women’s bodies after the age of 60.

Therefore, once you have a mental illness, you should be treated in a timely manner to avoid serious consequences.

  Experts analyze the psychology of the nine elderly people and they are happy and active.

That is, cheerful, happy, love life, actively participate in various activities, do something within their power.

The second is direct interest.

That is to be able to rationally accept and adapt to changes after retirement, to be content with life, and to be able to take the initiative to improve interpersonal relationships.

The third is to care about health.

Kinds of elderly people pay special attention to their health, lest they are sick and sick.

The fourth is the relief type.

That is, introverted personality, after retirement, it is less social, and often has depression.

The fifth is to pursue support.

That means strong, need others to emotionally support them and help them in life.

The sixth is to insist on work type.

That is to say, always use busy behavior and hard work to prove that you still have the ability.

Seven is indifferent.

That is to say, life is very bitter, and I can’t do anything about the status quo, giving people the impression of being indifferent.

Eight is self-blaming.

That is to say, after reviewing their own lives, they found that some of the goals were not met. They blamed them for their incompetence, and often blamed themselves and even felt self-guilt.

Nine is angry.

Such elderly people are often suspicious, and they feel that they are the victims of the environment and feel that life is not fun.

Looking back on the past, blaming the cause of failure on objectivity and venting resentment on others.

  Pleasant positive and direct-interested old people are seriously beneficial to their health, while indifferent, self-blaming, angry old people are prone to mental illness and penetration of physical diseases.

  Mental health should also be “calcium supplementation” Professor Hao Maishou, an expert on elderly problems in the Municipal Academy of Social Sciences. He pointed out that in order to solve the mental health problems of the elderly who are currently very prominent, it is necessary to meet the spiritual needs of the elderly and need the society.The joint efforts of the family and the elderly themselves.

  First of all, the society should strengthen the emphasis on the psychological problems of the elderly, strengthen the construction of the community’s old age culture, enrich the spiritual culture of the elderly, and increase some elderly psychological counseling institutions.

In fact, children and juniors should estimate the mental support for the elderly.No matter how busy the work is, children should always go home to see, accompany the elderly, strengthen communication with the elderly, eliminate the lonely troubles of the elderly, and let the elderly feel the joy of family.

In addition, the elderly themselves must correct their own mentality, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, care more about themselves, comfort themselves and maintain a psychological balance.

At the same time, you should cultivate some hobbies and enrich your life.

How to deal with bad breath, drink five porridge for your fresh breath

How to deal with bad breath, drink five porridge for your fresh breath

1, salted fish head tofu soup ingredients: salted fish head 1, a few pieces of tofu, ginger 1 piece practice: wash all the materials, salted fish head pieces slightly fried and put into the pot with ginger, add the right amount of water with a fierce fireRoll for about half an hour, add tofu and roll for another 20 minutes.
Efficacy: salty fish head tastes sweet and has a heat-clearing effect, while tofu is cool and has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. It is very effective for oral ulceration, gum swelling, bad breath and constipation.
2, Maimendong porridge raw materials: Maimen winter 25 grams, glutinous rice, rock sugar, the appropriate amount of practice: the Maimendong fried into juice, waste slag to take the drug juice for use.
Put the glutinous rice into the aluminum pan, add some water, then put the appropriate amount of Maimen winter juice and rock sugar into the pot, boil with high heat, and cook with a small fire.
>>>Anti-Blotch There are 8 planned effects: it can effectively refresh the mouth.
3, licorice apple drink raw materials: 30 pieces of licorice, 1 apple, 20 parsley, honey amount of practice: cut the apple, and licorice, parsley together pot (casserole), put two bowls of half-boiled into a bowl or so.
Discard the slag and take the juice. After a little cold, add a proper amount of honey to drink.
Once a day, even for 5 days.
Efficacy: Can effectively remove bad breath.
4, lychee porridge raw materials: 5 lychee, 50 grams of glutinous rice practice: put lychee and glutinous rice together into the pot and boiled into a porridge, 3-5 days for a course of treatment.
>>> How to do bad breath 9 strokes good effect: with Wenyang Yiqi, Shengjin nourishing effect.
It can effectively remove bad breath.
5, cucumber porridge raw materials: 50 grams of cucumber, 100 grams of rice.
Practice: peeled and sliced cucumber, porridge with rice, and take it at will.
Efficacy: specializes in the dryness of the tongue caused by liver fire or internal wetness.

Diet has a longevity

Diet has a longevity

There is no shortage of “diet” in ancient China.

Confucius said that “food should not be full”; “Pipe” also records: “Diet Festival, then profit and longevity; diet is not the case, it is tired and life-threatening.

“Sin Tang era medical scientist Sun Sizhen lived to 101 years old.

He is in the median of “Thousands of Gold”: “I don’t want to eat very thirsty, but I don’t want to eat too much. I don’t want to drink too much, don’t drink too much.”

If you eat too much, you will accumulate. If you are too thirsty, you will become a cockroach.

Liang Hongjing, a medical scientist of the Liang Dynasty, said very clearly in the “Health and Desire Record”: “The less you eat, the more your heart opens, the more you get better every year. The more you eat, the more your heart is stuffed, and the more you lose weight.”

“Shi Chengjin, a medical scientist of the Qing Dynasty, also pointed out that if people want to live longer, they must be “sufficiently supplemented by food and food.”

Most of these exceptions are correct and have been proven by future scientific experiments.

  A well-known nutritionist and geriatrician, Clyde of Cornell University, USA.

Professor McCabe made an interesting animal experiment: the mice were divided into A and B, and the changes ensured the necessary nutrient supply. However, the mice in Group A were restricted in diet, while the mice in Group B were not restricted.After eating, the bones stopped growing in 175 days after the mice in group B, and the bones were still growing slowly after 300 days to 1000 days in group A.

Group B mice have all died in less than two and a half years; while group A rats have lived for 3-4 years, and the prevalence is also small. The experiment has been repeatedly verified and the results are consistent.

This is the most amazing “Mecca effect” in gerontology research.

  The famous contemporary elder scientist Ross used the same kind of experiment as the human close relative, the monkey.

They chose 200 Indian monkeys, 100 of which were supplied with sufficient food without any restrictions, while the other 100 only supplied 70% of the food.

The necessary nutrients (such as protein, vitamins, minerals) contained in the feed are the same. After observing 125 kinds of experimental indicators, the following results are formed: the monkeys who eat seven-point fullness gradually decrease in metabolism, and the body temperature is relatively better than your diet.The content of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) is higher than that of the “unlimited diet” group. Blood lipids and blood pressure are also about 10% lower than those of the food-free group. At the same time, the metabolites used by insulin indicate that it is not easy to have diabetes.

  Studies have found that reducing metabolism in the diet will reduce the body’s metabolic rate, thereby increasing metabolic efficiency; limiting diet can delay the reduction of immune function and reduce the level of free radical reaction, thereby slowing the damage of free radicals to the body cells.

  Diet and body micro-consumption are close, which is very obvious in animals, food intake is high, body temperature is high, and the types of dissipated are generally short-lived; while the temperature of sea water is low, relative to food intake, many marine animals and near-waterReptiles are long-lived, barracudas can live for 200-250 years, whales can live for 300-400 years, turtles have a normal lifespan of 100-175 years, crocodiles are 200-300 years old, and some of them can be eaten for several days.Even in a few months, their lives are ubiquitous.

  Humans also have a similar trend. People who eat more, have a large amount of activity, and have a fast heart rate generally do not live longer.

Fleming, an epidemiologist in Boston, USA.

Dr. Hamm has tracked more than 5,000 people for 40 consecutive years. He found that people with a heart rate of more than 80 beats/min in quiet state and those with less than 70 beats/min were divided into two.

6 times.

Decreased body temperature slows heart rate and, more importantly, reduces metabolic rate.

According to the study, when the body temperature drops to 30, the metabolic rate is reduced by about half, and the body’s oxygen consumption is about 50% of normal.

  When scientists study the essence of life, the Lord discovers that the organism has its specific ability to survive. This can be re-released, and life is over. Research on the relationship between animal heart rate and life shows that 800 million heartbeats are the limit of animal life.Anyone who has jumped 800 million times in the heart will die at the end of his life (except for deaths due to illness or accident).

The faster the heart rate, the shorter the life expectancy.

The mouse beats 900 times a minute, two years of death; the small swallow heartbeat restarts, 1200 times per minute, can only live more than 1 year; the heart of the elephant is implanted 30 times / minute, live for 50 years; the turtle’s heart rate is less than 10 times /It can live for 150 years, which also indicates that life expectancy is closely related to biological metabolism.

  Observations of life expectancy around the world have found that people living in the cold zone have a longer life than those living in the tropics. Norway, Sweden, and Finland are close to the North, and are known for their longevity, while the longevity in the equator is extremely rare.

  Many cold water baths and winter swimmers live long, and those who wrap themselves up in the winter are not long-lived and are prone to certain diseases.

  All these assertions about “diet” tell people to flash, in the order of ensuring basic nutrition, do not eat too much, limit the amount of food.

Since feces are produced more than twice as much as protein or carbohydrates, a low-fat diet should be chosen.

The living environment should be cool and not too much.

In addition, emotional balance, sit-in, qigong and other static-based exercises can stabilize body temperature, slow heartbeat, and help longevity, and then prevent infectious diseases and avoid fever.

  As long as you stick to proper dieting, instead of being hungry and losing weight, you will definitely receive unexpected results.