Is there a wood in the body?

Tell you 7 big signs

Is there a wood in the body?
Tell you 7 big signs

Core Tip: Is your body still okay under heavy pressure and strong pressure?

Do you want to know if your body is getting worse?

Chinese medicine suggests that there is a sign that the body is bad, and that the body is getting worse?

Tell you 7 big signs!

  1. Is there healthy hair and nails?

  The skin system (including hair and nails) is often the first to remind you of the lack of vitamins. The lack of vitamins usually manifests as fragile nails, easy deformation, and large replacement of hair.

Healthy individuals’ nails are usually pink and hard round.

The skin should be flexible, which helps to press and quickly return to normal.

  2. Is there a good sleep?

  Occasionally, lack of sleep or insomnia is normal. As long as your sleep is generally regular and there is no night sweat or multiple nights, then it is basically in line with the requirements of good sleep. If you wake up, you feel good and very good.Good health signal.

  3, women’s normal menstrual period, male ejaculation amount of a spoonful?

  The menstrual period that arrives on time is the most important indicator of the health of the female reproductive system.

Healthy middle-aged men should have a ejaculation of 2-5 ml each time, and 2 ml each time may be a sign of sperm hypothermia; healthy male semen should be white or gray sticky.

Semen with blood or too thin, should go to the hospital for examination.

  4. Is there relatively clear, abundant urine?

  If the urine is pale yellow, turbid, dark or too yellow before daily urination, the body is too moist and the kidneys are healthy.

  If the urine is completely colorless, it may mean too much water, or the body loses salt and electrolytes.

In addition to the change in the color of the urine, it is also necessary to pay attention to the smell, the sweetness or the strange smell, the color turns red, etc. should pay attention.

  5. Is there a stable weight?

  Weight is in the normal range, and it is generally stable. It is also one of the signs of health. If the weight suddenly changes suddenly, or the food intake increases or decreases sharply, it should be noticed.

  6, is there any regular bowel movements?

  If there is no blood in the stool, it is not too loose and not too hard, and the time of defecation is regular. It can quickly and effectively replace the body waste, which means that there is enough fiber in your diet and the digestive system is in good condition.

If it is the opposite, then you have to pay attention.

  7, wound healing is there?

  Small wounds such as cuts, bruises or burns, if you can heal quickly, congratulations, your blood is healthy.

If you gently apply the skin, there will be inexplicable bruises, so you should seek medical advice.

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