Noon, no diet, thin breasts, no thin waist

Noon, no diet, thin breasts, no thin waist

The noon diet is always very popular.

However, due to different personal diets and systems, the weight loss effect is also very different.

The general noon diet does not eat after 5 o’clock in the afternoon (that is, the time for dinner before five o’clock), it is more reasonable.

However, some netizens are pursuing a strict dieting method in order to pursue weight loss. They do not eat dinner. They do not eat when they have lunch. The time in the sky is nearly 10 hours, and the weight loss effect is not mentioned. This is not conducive to gastrointestinal health.

  At the same time, it is also not conducive to weight loss shaping.

Long-term death, the human body thinks that entering the era of ridiculous, will inevitably mobilize the storage of aunts and proteins to cope, and one of the main structures of the breast is unfortunate and collagen.

The skin on the skin is reduced, the skin is loose, the chest muscles are lost, and the lack of nutrition causes the gland tissue to shrink, and the overall skin tissue is reduced, but the connective tissue connecting the chest muscles and the breasts is not reduced, so some become smaller and drooping.

  Solution 1.

Adjust the diet structure to reduce the income of starch in the diet, add some high-quality protein, such as skim milk, soybeans, tofu, soy milk, etc., but also eat more vegetables and fruits.

Guarantee a table tennis-sized lean meat every day.

In addition, add a meal before 5 pm, even a light drink of some porridge, eat some fruit and milk.

  In order to prevent the chest from becoming smaller and drooping when losing weight, it should be combined with high-protein foods, supplemented with vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. to supplement enough nutrients and maintain balanced hormone levels.It makes the black people full and firm.

  Eat more of these foods: high protein: fish and shrimp, poultry, eggs, low-fat dairy products, soy products, nuts, is the basis of hormone synthesis.

  Vitamin A: broccoli and sunflower oil, etc., is beneficial for hormone secretion.

  Vitamin B: beef, milk and pig liver, etc., help to synthesize hormones.

  Vitamin C: Grapes, grapefruit, etc., to prevent retinal deformation.

  Vitamin E: celery, walnuts, etc., help dark development.

  In addition, jujube, yam, longan, Chuanxiong and other medicated diets, have the effect of promoting blood circulation, blood, and qi, but also make the top more full.


With some sports aerobic exercise is the best choice for burning cockroaches.

  Some exercises that can be exercised to the chest, especially chest movements, can increase dark muscles, make dark hair look fuller, and at the same time help to lose weight and shape.

Swimming, yoga and dumbbell exercises are especially recommended.

  For the thin buttocks, there are some sports to do: climb the stairs: climb the stairs, simple and save money, but because every office building has almost elevators, everyone is used to the elevator, how can you still want to climb the stairs!

In fact, climbing stairs has many advantages, which can consume calories. In addition, if you are walking the stairs, each step on two steps can drive your thighs and hip muscles and tighten your cheekbones.

  Push the wall: put your legs together, hold your hands in the legs, straighten your legs, extend the back for 10 seconds, then move toward the wall for 10 seconds, repeat, alternately let the sculpting pedal curve, also have the effect of abdomen, the lower abdomen will be slowSlow and flatten.

  User Tips: It is not acceptable to rely on not eating alone.

It takes a lot of cooperation.but the meat on the thighs is very difficult to reduce.

I have a classmate who is doing this. Looking at it is some effect, you may wish to try it.

Beauty and weight loss work together.


Diet: Eat more vegetables and melons and eat less, fish and shrimp can eat more, eat grain porridge in the morning, eat well at noon, eat at night or eat some porridge or thin fruit salad before 6 o’clock.


40 supine work every night (to be persistent, otherwise useless), wrap the plastic wrap on the legs and waist, the minimum half an hour of exercise every day.

Usually sit less and have more activities.


Knocking on the gallbladder can accelerate the activity of the gallbladder, and discharge the garbage accumulated on the outside of the thigh in the gallbladder, which can directly reduce the aunt on the back and the outside of the thigh.

(The gallbladder is on the outside of the thigh and there are three acupuncture points.

)?You can do it without dieting, although it can be thin, but once you return to normal diet, it will rebound immediately, so I suggest that you should diet + exercise. As for the best exercise you want to reduce the tread and thigh, it is skipping.Stick to more than half an hour every day, except during the MC period.

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